Buliisa fisheries officer survives mob.


Buliisa district local government Fisheeries officer survives being lynched by a mob in Masindi town this evening after buttering a ten year old child.

The man believed to be in his 40s identified as Philip Ngongaha slapped and kicked the girl who was vending cooked maize after her hand rubbed his car, a premio registration number UAY 658 S that he had parked along Market Street.

An eyewitness Kiiza Bridget says that Ngongaha immediately came out of the car gave the girl a hot slap that threw her in the trench where he continued kicking the girl as she pledged for mercy from him.

However Philip’s act annoyed the people around who charged at him and surrounded him with the aim of revenging on him but to be lynched burnt by the angry mob after he assaulted a10 year old girl who was vending maize accusing her of scratching his vehicle .

Phillip. the Buliisa District Fisheries Officer

The incidence happened this evening at market street opposite divine mercy cosmetics . And this prompted the mob to surround Philip asking him to explain why he beat up the girl.

Night Sandra who was also at the scene condemns the act of assaulting a young girl adding that justice should prevail.

Letter police intervened and he was arrested and taken to masindi police station.