20 year old lady commits suicide in Masindi.


The deceased has been only identified as Violet a resident of Kirasa 1 cell Central Division Masindi Municipality in Masindi District. The incident happened on Monday evening.

When we contacted Mr. Hamza Kabaka the area chairperson confirmed the matter and said that he was informed by one resident that someone has committed suicide, he sent his vice chairperson and directed him to report to police, then police evacuated the body. 

“The reason for suicide is not yet clear since we had Basonga meeting on Sunday evening, and they didn’t raise any family issue maybe they had their family issue,” He noted. Mr. Kabaka has appealed to people to report their issues to the concerned leaders rather than committing suicide. 

He further notes that it’s painful loosing such a young lady, and she has died when they need her.
It’s alleged that one month back the deceased was sent by her fiancé to go and visit her parents after developing sickness, she had just returned three days back.

According to Mr. Ismail Nyamusisi the landlord, they have rented his room for a close of one year and two months, and they had never developed any friction.

Mr. Nyamusisi explains that after eating lunch, the deceased told her fiancé that she wanted to eat jaka fruit, and when the went to buy it, she locked herself in the house when the fiancé came back found when she had hanged herself.

“I can’t tell the reason as why she committed suicide, she has not been associating with fellow women, but jolly with young ones, they have been in good relationship with the fiancé. It has illustrated bad imagine more especially the very room,” Mr. Nyamusisi noted.

By press time, the police had already evacuated body to Masindi Hospital Mortuary for postmortem.