Greater Masindi media practitioners association plans to censor Chairman.


A section of greater Masindi media practitioners association members (GMEPA) have planned to censure the association chairman Augustus Bigirwenkya accusing him over abuse of office.

GMEPA is nongovernmental organization joining all journalists from greater Masindi. It was formed in 2015 with the aim of uniting all journalists from districts of Kiryandongo, Buliisa and Masindi

In the meeting held on Tuesday in Masindi town attended by a section of association members, members who accuses the current chairman alleged for abuse of office and being partisan.

Ismail Bategeka one of the members accuses Bigirwenkya of failing to account for association money, not organizing general meetings and also being in office illegally since his term of office ended.

Steven Wandera another member says Bigirwenkya is a dictator and also partisan saying currently he is the general secretary for forum for democratic Change party FDC in Masindi district adding that professionally journalist are not supposed to be partisan .

Makolo Mulumba one of the executive member accuses Bigirwyenkya for  failure to account for the money received from organizations meant to help the association and also, he also accused him for miss use of association properties like desk computers.

However Augustus Bigirwenya says the people who are planning to impeach him have no powers to do so since they are not fully subscribed members of GMEPA adding that even if they were members the organization has right procedures through which he can leave office not impeachment.

Bigirwenkya has also denied any wrong doing with organization funds saying those accusing him cannot prove to their claims.


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