This is not just about Tanzania alone. Since yester evening, when I first heard of this heart-wrecking news, I have found it hard to settle and focus on anything sensible. It is like when Thomas Sankara was killed.

We must all mourn and celebrate what this great African son has been to us. Indeed good people and leaders can’t last in Africa!

I don’t mind his dictatorship, as long as it was benevolent, unlike the rampant malevolent leaders we find everywhere in Africa.

For, in JPM, we have lost a Lee Kuan Yew of Africa. He wasn’t evil at all, but I never expected him to survive the devil’s of imperialism and their evil agents in state Houses allover the African Continent. The imperial wizards and witches must be dancing all the way to his grave to be.

It is a shame and pity indeed! This will be too much to bear for the ordinary and non ordinary well meaning Tanzanians, as you see what they express in summary:

“Here in Tz, we mourn a great statesman, one who has accomplished tenfold in 5 yrs, that which hadn’t been, in 5 decades.

In 5 years;

He sacked over 13 ministers and over 19k corrupt civil servants.

He built 96 district hospitals and over 400 health centres.

He had overseen over 90% of the whole country getting electrified down from 20% 5 yrs ago. ( This yr , Tz will be the 1st African nation to have 100% electrification)

He built a water system similar to Gaddafi’s, tunnelling Lake Victoria’s water to cities 500kms away.

He brought back civil service discipline, no one despises another in any govt office today. ( You could be despising an undercover cop!)

He has controlled Tanzanite mining and selling, India and Kenya are no longer the leading sellers in the world market, like as when he wasn’t president.

Fare thee well our leader, tunakulilia na tutakukumbuka milele.”

Indeed the devil is a liar, and its agents are horrible. We saw Patrick Lumumba perish just like that, and Thomas Sankara, now JPM leaves a big would in the heart of Africa. Who will save Afric really?

What a rare bread of a leader, and people’s champion! Tears of an Africa child, you have left many orphans, with almost shuttered dreams

REST IN PEACE my inspiration, rest in peace the greatest patriot who had come in to concretise Dr Julius Nyerere invisible success, rest in peace the son of Africa.

I sign off with a heavy heart!


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