African Union court sets date for BUKITAREPA case ruling


BUKITAREPA members in one of their gatherings File Photo.

The African Union Commission court has reportedly set 21st this month as the date on which it will deliver a ruling in the case involving Bunyoro Kitara Reparations Agency (BUKITAREPA) and government of Uganda.

BUKITAREPA dragged the government of Uganda to Gambia based court in 2018 after allegedly failing to get justice from Ugandan court in their quest for justice on the injustices that the Bunyoro suffered during colonial era.

The agency also accuses the government of Uganda of failing to release the compensation money that the Queen of England reportedly gave to the Banyoro to settle the matter.

In the suit BUKITAREPA accuses government of Uganda of failing to correct what it calls the colonial injustices in Bunyoro citing the displacement of indigenous Banyoro from their land and allocated to migrants.

Doviko Batwaale, the chief coordinator BUKITAREPA while addressing media at masindi high court on Tuesday said that since the case was filed the government of Uganda has never filed its defense against the accusations. Doviko revealed that this prompted the African Union Commission court to set 21st this month as the date on which it will deliver a ruling in the case.

He further claimed that the earlier ruling by Uganda constitution court had quashed the 1900 Buganda agreement under which Bunyoro territories were given to Buganda and that the Queen of England also admitted and paid reparations which the government never gave to the Banyoro.

Doviko explained that the suit is seeking restitution of what Bunyoro lost during the colonial era.

He says the ruling of 1900 Buganda agreement means that Bukitarepa has liberated Bunyoro as a region and there will be no more ownership of crown and Milo land in Bunyoro since court ruled that the 1900 Bungada agreement with the queen is null and void .


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