Bagungu plan of seceding from Bunyoro fail


Bagungu plan to secede from Bunyoro Kingdom would fail since the Katikiro Byakutanga Andrew has not yet acknowledged on the official communication letter delivered to him.

The official communication letter dated 22th July 2019 delivered to the Katikiro quoted the subject to article 246 of the 1995 constitution of Uganda, and section 3 of the institution of Traditional or cultural leaders Act 2011.

The institution of a traditional or cultural leader may exist in any area of Uganda in accordance with the culture, customs and traditions or wishes and aspirations of the people to whom it applies.

The letter also stated, the threats and concerns impending influx of foreign cultures to Buliisa in the distant future due to oil discovery threatens to erode the Bugungu culture unless the Bagungu themselves as the indigenous community of Buliisa prepare themselves constitutionally.

This letter followed the prohibit of previous Bugungu Cultural Revival Association (BCRA) activities including consultative meetings, radio talk shows and others by the security organ on order of the Katikiro.

The chair person BCRA Mr. Lukumu Norman told Bunyoro Sqoop that though the Katikiro hasn’t responded them, he is writing another letter reminding him (Katikiro) for acknowledgement.

Mr. Norman said that once the Katikiro responds they will take another step of informing the clan council which will install the chosen cultural leader for the entire Bugungu.

Mr. Norman adds that they want the secede to be smooth and maintain the relationship with Bunyoro Kingdom for peace, prosperous and cooperation.

Mr. Norman added, bagungu culture is clear and distinct thus the Bunyoro King His Majesty Solomon Gafabusa Iguru shall have no power in Bugungu once the cultural leader is installed.

Mr. Norman also went ahead and explained that the cultural leader installed will not be hereditary, once the cultural leader die they will Install another one according to their constitution.

When contacted, the Bunyoro Kingdom Katikiro Byakutanga Andrew confirmed the receive of official communication letter, hence said will respond.

Mr. Andrew said that he couldn’t allow such consultative meetings and talk shows concerning Kingdom affairs without his permission.

Mr. Andrew also added that it’s the first time to receive such letters thus advised people in Bugungu to give deaf ear to such people who want to divide them.

People in Bugungu belong to the kingdom and therefore we have no any problem with them, however those who want to disturb the peace of Bunyoro have their own targets, added Mr. Andrew.

In the meeting held at Adonia Hotel in Buliisa on 17th April 2018, Bagungu community passed a resolution calling the succession from Bunyoro Kingdom and forming their cultural institution.

The Bagungu people live on the northeastern shores of Lake Albert near Nile River, at the bottom of the great Rift Valley.

Some Bagungu also live in the hills above the valley, most of them live in Buliisa district, kigorobya, Hoima and some parts of Masindi district.

According to this website by 2005 the Bagungu population was approximately 49,000, Their major economic activity is fishing and substance farming.

The Baguungu is the latest ethnic group in western Uganda to demand an independent kingdom. In 2012, the Busongora announced their independence from Rwenzuru Kingdom and installed their own king.

The Bamba in Bundibugyo also denounced the Rwenzuru King Charles Wesley Mumbere as their king the same year. They even blocked his visit to their area. This triggered a clash between the Bamba and Bakonzo that saw several people displaced, houses burnt and valuable property destroyed.


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