Boat Capsizes at Mwitanzige due to overloading


Today 24th may 2020 at around 11:30Am in at around 400metres away from ususa ,we registered water accident where a boat with a capacity of 08 passengers carrying over 18 passengers capsized and it is reported that 08 drowned in water,their bodies not yet retrieved except the 10 months old who died on the back of the mother.

It is alleged that boat was heading to Sebigoro landing site ,Kyangwali subcounty in Kikuube District.

The following are the survivors:
1 :Fuambe Apolu
2:Aruba Jaliwinyi M/A 51yrs
3:Phina Okethwengu
4:Biwanga Munguriek F/A 24years
5 :Nusura Anolo F/J
6:Solaini Atim Jedi F/J
7:Pasia Ocikwengi F/J
8:Samuel Tito M/J
9:Irine Ayenyo F/A 20years.

All are alur from mukambo in Ituli province who have been living at ususa landing site that was identified as one of illegal landing site.

They were evacuating from the site following the submergence of water levels and guidance of security operatives.

The efforts to retrieve the bodies by Police and UPDF marine is on going on sebigoroSD reference on 24/05/2020.

The probable cause of the accident was over loading