Bodaboda riders alleged directed not carry passengers.


Bodaboda riders in Buliisa district are alleged to have been directed not carry passengers. Reliable sources reveal that security operators in different sub counties in the district have directed them (bodabodas) not carry passengers despite presidential directives.

One Bodaboda rider in Butiaba sub county who chose to be anonymous said that they were directed by the OC Butiaba Police station not carry passengers. He also added that the president didn’t mention about the border districts not carry passengers.

“We were directed not to carry passengers, but we are secretly operating because president Museveni didn’t mention of the border districts not to carry passengers, if public means in other border districts are operating why not us?”, Source at Wanseko boda stage revealed.

Speaking to our reporter on Monday evening, Asiimwe Amos the RDC Buliisa said that Buliisa is still in lockdown. “I didn’t stop Boda Bodas from operating, it’s presidential directive since we are still in lockdown” Asiimwe adds.

Last Tuesday, President Museveni directed boda boda riders to start operating on 27th Monday July, 2020 (Yesterday), directed riders to put on mask, helmet covering the face and enclosing the mask inside, passengers to put on masks, have temperature gun at the stages, have sanitizer and keep record for every passenger.