Budongo FDC boss arrested for collecting signature to petition Museven to ICC.


Illustration of an arrested person.

Police in Masindi has on Wednesday arrested Emania Esau the FDC chairperson for Budongo Sub County for allegedly collecting signatures from the people on behalf of the party for the ongoing campaign to take Museven to ICC court on crimes of humanity.

While addressing journalists at FDC offices in Masindi Bikorwa omuhangi Innocent the coordinator for the people’s government in Masindi said Emania was arrested by police on suspicions of collecting signatures from people to petition Museven and was taken to the office of RDC Masindi where a security meeting was held for his interrogation and later was transferred to un known place where he is detained currently.

Innocent lashes at security in Masindi for relaxing adding that police has realized the move when they have already collected over 10,000 signatures which they had also already been sent to the headquarters and vowed to continue with the campaign.

Banage Fredrick who is the member of parliament Buruli county for the people’s government lashed at the security which adding that as FDC they are determined with the campaign to collect signatures to petition Museven to ICC saying they have been collecting signatures in the all parts of the district and vows to continue until they reach their target numbers.

Bigirwenkya Augustus the general secretary FDC Masindi says what police did is unlawfully saying , the campaign was launched two months ago by FDC top officials in kampala and no one was arrested but he is surprised to see police in Masindi with the orders of RDC Nyakahuma unlawfully arresting people yet it is some one’s right to take any person in courts of law if there is need.

He says as FDC they are looking forward to sue those individuals who are disrupting their exercise in the district since they are doing it with in the law.

While contacted for a comment the RDC Masindi Godfrey Nyakahuma confirmed the arrest of Emania and vowed to arrest any person who will be found collecting signatures without permission from police.


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