Bujenje MP commits part of his salary towards the fight against scabies in his constituency


The Member of Parliament for Bujennje County, Rtd. Lt. Patrick Kasumba, has committed Ugx 2 million from his salary for four months towards the fight against scabies which are escalating day and night in the sub counties of Bwijanga and Budongo in Bujenje County Masindi district.

Kasumba made the revelation during the weekend while handing over 750 dozes of scabies medicine to residents affected by scabies at Kimanya Church of Uganda in Budongo Sub County. 

He explained that he started with the month of April adding that his aim is to ensure that the disease is defeated.

A Kid with signs of scabies. File Photo

“ I reached at this decision after realizing that my electorates couldn’t afford to access the medicine since it is scarce and have no money to buy it”, said Kasumba

Some of the villages which have been seriously hit by scabies include; Kimanya lower, Kimanya upper, Kiryamyongo, Nyabyeya, Kasenene, Nyantonzi, Nyakafunjo, Kapeeka 1,2 and 3 all in Budongo sub county while in Bwijanga sub county the villages include Kryatete and Kyakaiteera.Kasumba delivered the medicine in all the affected villages.

According to Kasumba, the 8 million shillings offered will buy 32,000 dozes adding that in case the problem persists he will commit more money toward the fight against disease.

“I am doing all this hand in hand with the DHO’s office and the Ministry of health to help him get technical guidance”, explained Kasumba.

Kasumba also appealed to Masindi district local government to also join him and sensitize the public on how they can fight scabies in his constituency explaining that scabies can be avoided since it is caused by poor hygiene. He called upon the health educator, the health Inspector and the secretary to redirect their efforts to Bujenje County.

The resident whom our reporter spoke to noted that children are the most affected adding that they are experiencing sleepless nights scratching their bodies. The residents added that whenever they go to health centres they are told that there is no medicine.

Jackson Rama, the councilor representing Nyabyeya Parish said that scabies is mostly affecting children between 1 to 14 years adding that the entire Nyabyeya parish is affected.