Buliisa government prisons given 14 days to vacate the land on which it is sitting


Majimoto Actioners and court bailiffs have given an ultimatum of 14 days to Buliisa government prison to vacate the land on which it is sitting or be evicted forcefully from it.
The ultimatum has been issued by Denis Asiimwe from Majimoto actioners and court bailiff while addressing the journalists yesterday following a court order by Masindi high court which was delivered by Masindi chief magistrate Deo John Ssejemba last Thursday in which it ordered the eviction of Buliisa government prison from the land located in Kabbolwa , Buliisa district.
This followed an earlier court ruling indicating that Buliisa government prisons trespassed on the estate of the late Jackson Bikobo Mwanga measuring 500 acres.
The ruling stemmed from a suit filed by Winnie Bikobo Nalumu, the administrator of the late Mwanga’s estate against government in 2017 seeking repossession of the said land.
On December 16, 2020, the court ruled in favour of Bikobo and awarded her Shs40m in general damages and legal costs after the plaintiff had been prevented from using the land without any legitimate excuse on the part of Uganda Prisons Services for a period of three years.
The next day, Ssejjemba issued a decree ordering Uganda prisons to vacate the land immediately or evicted by force at their own cost and also barred it permanently from using in any way the plaintiff’s land described as Kabbolwa Estate at Buliisa.
However, Uganda prisons did not vacate the land prompting Bikobo to run back to court and sought a fresh order to evict Uganda prisons which prompted court on Febuary 4 2021 to issue another decree to Asiimwe, who represented Ms Bikobo ordering him to evict the prison from the land.
Asiimwe says after receiving the court order he served the attorney general and Uganda prisons services on Monday giving them two weeks to vacate the land or be evicted forcefully.
Asiimwe adds that the 14 day ultimatum is to give them room to the prison authorities to prepare where they will transfer the inmates and their property or to negotiate with the land owner to buy the land and if they fail to do the above they will forcefully be evicted forcefully since they were mandated by court to execute the eviction.
Buliisa Prison at Kabbolwa hosts a prison farm. It has a cotton plantation on about 200 acres while the rest of about 300 acres hosts staff quarters and trees whose worth could not be readily established by press time.