Bunyoro, the position we choose to take.


I passionately read an article attributed to words of the katikiro of Buganda and I was both excited and mesmerized. He says “Buganda is willing to support Bobi Wine if he is ready to champion Buganda interests”. To me, this is so important. I had to pose for a reflection. What are our interests as Buganda and Bunyoro? This should be the major basis of surrendering our regional endorsements for either a national leader or local leader. Our champions should be able to shape and define the interests. These interests must be summarized in a statement or few words. They must mean a lot to all of us. Corporations, private sector, government and all of us must find it so risky not to serve these regional interests. Championship to these interests must feel treasonable not to articulate them.

Have we seen even local leaders antagonising Bunyoro interests?
Let me be precise. Bunyoro has a strong culture of acceptance. In such a culture, interests don’t grow. When they grow, solidarity is lost. We must define our interests. One time I wrote about the circus tic and fallacious minister for Bunyoro as having been a big liability that the sole dictator used to blindfold Bunyoro. I received unnecessary attacks from glory seekers for the sole dictator. But if we had interest, this minister would have been useful a platform for our interests.

We must take a position. The choice is clear. We either chose to be apolitical or political. We either chose to be leaders or followers. We must decide to either demand or receive nothing. We must either oppose the dictatorship or become the dictatorship. We must set interest or lose everything.
Sometimes I realize that I am never understood. Just because people understand from their interest.

For Bunyoro, it’s up to us. Since 1996, every election we have voted with no interest. Now is the time to imitate those who have moved using the kingdom as a vehicle for social transformation.

As we head for the annual Empango, are we just going to run, feast and talk? We need to make such events causes or platforms for mobilizing our people to embrace good regional interest. I fear attending these functions as they make me sick. If its just feasting, it’s always better to call my lawyer wife for a dish with all local menu. The Empango should be a platform for our interests to be known, articulated and for government to appreciate that without serving our interests, they risk losing our mandate and support.

Our position matters more than our usual rhythm of bakatwita emitwaro … But we need to question the statuesque.

For now, if we don’t get causes, some of us will never be proud of Bunyoro. I have for instance this week instructed my staff at the national office to procure Empango Marathon kits because they are interest tagged to a hospital and health. But for just deal Darling the dictatorship and listen to him saying irritating statements, no thank you.

Disclaimer: We as Bunyoro Sqoop we welcome any opinion by any one if it’s of a constructive use to the Development of Bunyoro and Uganda at large. All the expressions and opinions in this write-up are not of Bunyoro Sqoop but for the author of the article. 


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