Bunyoro Under Attack: Banyoro furious as government continues staying adamant on the issue of Bisaka and Ssemwema attack.

Hajji Burhan Kyakuhairwe Minister of Culture BKK, Oweki Francis Mugerwa BKK Communications and Spokesperson, Bbiira Nassa Kiwanuka social worker and Balyesiima Ausi former journalist.

Of recent in Kakumiro a cultural site that was set on fire by the believers of Faith of Unity a religious group led by Owobusobozi Bisaka a self-proclaimed god.

According to the district security committee, Besi Desranta is the woman caretaker who was beaten badly by the Bisaka sect in the scuffle.

Mayanja Shakuru is the kid who the Bisaka section say went with to rescue him from being sacrificed

It was allegedly said that, more than two thousand people invaded Ssemwema Cultural site in Kakumiro beat up badly the care taker Besi Desranta, destroyed and burnt a number of valuable cultural items that belonged to Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom according to the Kingdom spokesperson and the minister of Cultural Oweki Francis Mugerwa and Oweki Hajji Burhan Kyakuhairwe Omuhinda respectively.

This issue has trended on social media as Banyoro have been showing their dissatisfaction and concern over the issue, it has frequented news in Bunyoro media houses for over a week and today a local radio stations invited the Kingdom and other senior citizens from Ssemwema to throw more light on the issue.

“Bworagenda omaiso norumba abanyoro , Kabumba bukakya arangiriire, Abanyoro, Abarusura bona bakaimuka. Aho Tibiija kwiija kurungi.” Oweki Hajji Buruhan Kyakuhaire to Omukuru Bisaka on a local radio station.

“Rwengabi Omukama obuyabonekere habaho akasumi akabaireho, gavumenti ekaimukiramu, abanyoro bakakwatwa, Baingaha Abakwasirwe Ssemwema hali abo abayokeze ebikwato byobukama, kandi kimu habyoburambuzi ebye ihanga.” Oweki Mugerwa Francis

Amasiro ga Buganda obugayokiibwa gavumenti ekaimukiramu, Ekya Ssemwema ahaali abantu abakusoba omu mitwaro ebiri nekicweka barumba ekicweka Kya Ssemwema ekyenzarwa, byayokebwa, gavumenti hansonga enu eculiire cheicheichei.

“Haroho orwukwe orurukugenda omumaiso, Ssemwema Eyokibwe, kasumi nikokamu Ebyafwayo bya Bunyoro bisimwirwe no mu isomo erihyaka eririkutongozebwa” Isagara Senior Citizen from Ssemwema.

“Every Member of Parliament from Bunyoro should come out and apologize to the people of Bunyoro, the minister in charge of Bunyoro affairs distancing himself from this is bad, and actually if I was him this was the day I would have resigned. We are collecting signatures, lawyers are on board and if you are for Bunyoro, join us start collecting signatures through lawful means and lets not be violent” Isagara as he was communicating the Citizen’s next move.

One Omukwendwa of Bisaka who gave in a fair comment that was received by others as in form of contempt said “That no person should judge spiritual issues if he is not in spirit”.

This is how Banyoro reacted to the Issue on a local Radio Station

Sunday one of the member of Team Kangabaije while calling on a local radio stations said “The Kingdom should give out an ultimatum to government may be seven days, if not Banyoro people will raise up.”

Another caller on a local radio stations from Kiziranfumbi Kikuube said, “the reason why army and police protected these people is because, there is a move by government to insinuate the people of Bunyoro into acting violent, react like the people of Kasese and later kill us in big numbers like they did in Kasese.”

Katali of Kakumiro but based in Hoima said, “The people of Bisaka should be stopped from their contempt, if we do not stop them, they are coming to the Kingdom. The president has even betrayed us for a long time, at times we invite him to the Empango but we get surprised to hear him attending the Bisaka ceremony but miss our historical Empango event.” Katali was quoted on a phone on a local radio station.

The other Radio Station, Biira Nassa said as “Bunyoro Kingdom should have an independent investigation to the new emerging religious groups, we should be sensitive on this, as Buganda never allowed a certain group to raise a dangerous religious group.” Bbiira was quoted.

We should not take this lightly Bunyoro is Under Attack, Bisaka might become a very dangerous person to Bunyoro and even Uganda as a Country” Bbiira added on a local radio station.

However, spokesperson of the Kingdom asked the people of Bunyoro to keep peace, the Kingdom needs peace, but government should take action on people’s concerns, “They have heard and felt people’s feelings as they have been speaking, the phone calls can explain the anger the people of Bunyoro are harboring”. Oweki Francis told the public.


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