Bwabwabwaaa boss John Blaq, Nina Rose and the son of Mutabazi, Fresh Kid Ug are set to perform in Hoima.


John Blaq the star of this season, the singer who has invented what some people call a drunkard style in singing is at Spot on come this weekend on Saturday.

John Blaq the hitmaker of Tukonectinge, Obubadi and so many other Hits together with Fresh Kid and Nina Rose, will catalyse, stir up revellers come this Saturday in Hoima at Spot On Bar. John Blaq a singer who sings as if he is a son of a rich man, as in he sings as if he don’t care, as if it’s a part time job, as if he dont care if the voice is out or not…the critics on this, you can check his follows….

“Buza Manager”, “Eyo Tuveyo”, branded singer, the bouy who had paralysed media for some time, I dont mean Bobi…no a son of Celeb star Mutabazi from Luweero…The youngster Fresh Kid.

Fresh Kid is in this too, our snoops are yet to ascertain if the father Mr. Mutabazi the Mazike and Obucupa hit Maker, would also fight to travel with his superstar Kid.

Of recently when Fresh Kid was preparing for away to Dubai, muzee Mutabazi could not hold it, boojo ensara muyaga eyendwa, what you call an air craft is loved. Lady’s and Gentleman Fressssssh Kid Ugandaaaa is confirmed too.

Ladies are now saying what about the smallest Diva, yes Nina Roza the Mother of Fresh Kid, who shares Ekitengi with the son will also be in town.

Nina Rose and Fresh Kid in their Kitengi.

Nina Rose of recent suprised fans with her outfit that was of the same material, same design to that of Fresh Kid Ug. In other words for us the beginners we thought that, a mother had shared with the Kid Ekitengi.

“Bambi Do Dat Show” is scheduled 10.08.2019 at Spot on according to the event’s organisers. The entrance fees are usual at 10.000K ord, VIP 20.000K and at table 50.000K.


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