Bwijanga residents resolve to boycott 2021 general elections over poor service delivery


    Over 1000 residents of Kasambo – Alimugonza village in Bwijanga sub county Bujenje county Masindi district have resolved not to participate in the 2020 general unless their 5 km road is worked on.

    The revelation has been made by,Ronald Aliganyira, the chairperson Kisambo –Alimugonza village while talking to our reporter on Friday during the community service by the residents on the same road.

    Aliganyira noted that many expectant mothers, new born babies and school going children have lost their lives and others got defects due to the poor condition of the road adding in between the road there are two water streams which needs government machinery.

    He explained that efforts have been made at the sub county and the district level but all in vain. He also noted that they have been neglected for years and years adding that their leaders treat them as people who don’t matter at all.

    He noted the residents under his leadership have decided to boycott the 2021 general election since there is no use of electing leaders.

    He also explained that since time immemorial government has failed to work on 5 km road which connects people from Kitamba and Kahembe parishes something which has irked his residents.

    Aliganyira added that the residents’ decision to boycott elections has been sparked by the sub county which had planned to work on the same road in the next financial and later diverted it to Bikonzi parish without the residents consent.

    He added that they were consulted well during the budget conference and they were assured by Bwijanga sub county authorities that the road was would be worked on in the 2020/21 financial year but they were surprised to hear that it had been diverted and yet everything required had been done.

    Sunday David, a resident of Kisambo -Alimugonza village, explained that in 2010 he lost his wife and a new born baby because he could not access Bwijanga health centre IV because of the poor condition of the road.

    He added that vehicles and motorcycles cannot access the area saying that residents struggle to access health services, schools and the markets. He called upon government to come in and give a helping hand if they want them to participate in elections.

    Monica Kyalisiima, a resident of the same village and also the village vice chairperson noted that in Kisambo – Alimugonza village children start going to school at six or seven years because they cannot cross the water the water streams at an early age adding that it is also hard for women to access antenatal services and as a result many children have been born with defects.

    James Otembi, also a resident of the same village said that his brother drowned and died instantly in March this year while crossing a water stream which government has failed to work on for years and years. He added that they have decided to boycott the elections such that government can hear their cry.

    Audio; Otembi on boycott elections (RR)

    Fred Musindi, also a resident also explained that his daughter was bitten by an unknown organism which was in the water stream. He noted that his child was going to school by the time the incident happened and as a result of the bite the child ended up crippling.

    He also added that they have decided to boycott the elections since there is nothing they are benefiting from participating in the elections.

    Musindi also stated that they will only elect the chairperson LC1 since is the only person minding about their lives.

    However, the speaker Bwijanga sub county council, Geoffrey Bagada, dismissed the residents’ claims that their road won’t be worked on adding that Kisambo-Alimugonza_Musoma road is in the fiver year development plan and it’s going to be worked on in the subsequent financial years.