CIOFF promise to support Folklore groups in Uganda


The international delegates attached to global conference on  international Council of Folklore Feativals and Folkart (CIOFF) heaped praises on Uganda folklore groups for being authentic and promised to support folklore group’s showcase their folklore to the world.
While speaking on Sunday at Koi Koi Cultural Center in Fort Portal, President CIOFF Africa Prince Isaac YAMEKUE from Cameroon said that Uganda folkart, folk dance and folk music were authentic.
In the same function, Bozoa Garvais Cebege the delegate of the festival committee of CIOFF Africa from Ivory Coast said that Uganda has one of the best Folklore groups in Africa and the performance was great, He also promised to support the showcase of Uganda’s Folklore to the world.

Folklore Exhibition

Beside being a delegate, Bozoa Garvais Cebege is also responsible for selecting Africa Folklore groups at CIOFF to showcase their folk art, folk dance and folk music to the world.
The CIOFF Folklore groups which are selected will be fully funded with tickets , international visas and other related costs.
Uganda communities who showcased their folk art, folk songs and folk music were the Banyoro, Batooro, Batagwenda, Bakhonzo, Bamba, Babwisi, Batuku, Basongora, Banyankole, Banyabindi and Bagungu.
In the past CIOFF followed the preparation of the recommendation on the safeguarding of traditional culture and Folklore ,recently also got involved in the implementation of the convention on the safeguarding intangible cultural heritage.

CIOFF also promotes various intercultural dialogue or culture of peace through the implementation of specific biennial programs or the organization of meetings, workshop and cultural conferences thus maintains formal consultantive relationships with UNESCO and develops projects of common interests.
The global event was aimed at hosting CIOFF Africa leaders , showcasing and filming representative Uganda’s Folklore heritage and installing of CIOFF associate status towards establishment of CIOFF Uganda section.
CIOFF Uganda has been already been invited to send Folklore groups to perform at the world festival parade Brunnsum in Netherlands from 10th -15th July 2020.


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