Corruption has become a method of work- Mayor Joab


    The Masindi Municipal Mayor Hon. Businge Joab has blamed the government of Uganda over failure to fight corruption in the country.

    Joab said this on Monday evening while speaking to residents on the launch of anti-corruption caravan at Katoma stage commercial street in Masindi Municipality.

    He also said that civil servants in Karujubu Division Masindi Municipality including the district land officer, assistant land officer, town clerk and the treasure were recently involved in titling the land of Kabalye Police Training School were 45M was vitiated.

    Joab also said the civil servants confessed over vitiating the fund before Inspector General of Government-IGG,  Anti-Corruption court, adding that people were left irritating but the case has never been settled.

    He added that this government is not commitment and has no moral authority to fight corruption adding that corruption has become method of work in the country.

    This system has no authority to fight corruption, from the beginning it scrubbed 30% from the people up to now that money has never been accounted for. added Joab.

    Joab also blamed the system over sale of government assets without clear accountability, if bribing others, then the others also see bribe as a method of work, Joab was quoted saying.

    The Masindi Mini Rally anti-corruption caravan was attended by hundreds of people, the political leaders including chairperson LC3, 5, Mayor, councilors, RDC Masindi and many others.
    It’s aimed at citizen’s participation towards the fight against corruption,a sustainable pathway to Uganda transformation.

    The caravan was in partnership with actionaid, RDP, DGF, Madfa, ICOD, Build Africa, Uganda Police, Unity Diversity, Inspectorate of Government, Uganda Debt network, MIRAC, FOWODE, Uganda Youth Network, Kings FM, Radio Kitara and BBS FM.


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