In news “Visa has announced that it will allow the use of the USD Coin cryptocurrency to settle transactions on its payments network, per Reuters.”

Trending events have made me remember a story that happened to me sometime back.

In one of the deep suburbs of Kampala, I was sitted in a restuarant when I came a cross a lady in her 20’s, she was a curious and seemed an enterprising young lass. I was seated waiting for my order of Posho and Pasted fish. As I was scrolling through my blockchain wallets she was peeping into my Samsung interface as I was copying the hexadecimal addresses, sending figures and fractions of different digital assets.

The lady was curious, she took a bold step, she said hello to me. How is your day, am sorry my eyes crossed lines, I have been moved by what you have been doing for the last 5 mins on your phone, what am curious of is what is all that about?.

I smiled back, i was happy to hear that, because it is hard to find a Ugandan getting attracted to such sophisticated Blockchain parameters and that is why in A Level schools according to Statistics a small number is admitted for sciences subjects as compared to arts. We started a chat at around 100 PM,

Am Susan blah blah, I introduced myself too.

Susan, As every youth I expected you to be on tsap or fb, what is that all about?

I told her about how it has always been a hassle to make most of Africans believe in something they do not know. What they don’t know and is along money issues is always a scam just because they always wait for government pronouncements.

I told her about how curyptocurrency to many Ugandans have seemed to be scams, people refer to them as “THOSE THINGS OF BITCOIN” and have stayed adamant and dogmatic on acquiring more knowledge on something that is bothering China, USA, Japan and Russia today as they are panicking in piloting Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC).

Anyway, it’s not only Africans who do not believe this, some investors have been writing off cryptocurrency as useless, like Warren Buffet, but this would not be the first time Warren Buffet was wrong about tech. He avoided Google, Amazon and Apple, now the top companies, for decades. He opted for IBM, where is IBM? Mark Cuban and JP Morgan were the the biggest critiques of Bitcoin but are now good investors in BTC today.

As i started fisting on my Kahunga (Posho) our conversations was moving on smoothly, I told her about this topic as she was questioning cryptocurrencies legitimacy in line with existing government monetary agencies, what is Bank of Uganda saying? I took her to the next chapter.


Innovations always comes first, regulation and government endorsements comes later. In USA, China, Russia, Japan or United Kingdom, all parliaments are working on Digital Currencies and Web 3.0 regulations, from such trends by the G7 nations, how does an endorsement looks like? I asked Susan.

Of recent, institutional Bitcoin buying started with a financial public listed company, the Micro Strategy led by Grayscale, one of the biggest electric automative company Tesla (led by Elon Musk followed with the highly popularised $1.5B Bitcoin acquisition, a move that has attracted a number of institutions into digital Currencies. What sort of endorsement do you talk of? I asked Susan as she was nodding in disbelief.

However, I told her out of many either blockchain or mascarader projects that are trending a few will never make it, and there are dangerous people who are taking advantage of the industry, they have scammed millions of billions of dollars from all over the world including the notable D9 the get rich quick project that scammed from almost every part of Uganda.

In 2017, a founder and CEO of one of the biggest Digital Currency exchange Binance Zhao Changpeng visited Uganda, met with the president of Uganda a move that led to the creation of Binance Uganda which was later integrated to Binance International and it’s all unique features integrated such as Peer to Peer purchases, Mobile Money possibility to purchase digital Currencies and extra.

During the Blockchain Conference that was organised at Serena under Crypto Savannah, a company being nurtured by Kwame Rugunda a son to the Prime Minister Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda, on the event we saw visible verbal wars between the President of Uganda and the Governor of Bank of Uganda Mr. Tumusiime Mutebile, over his adamancy on technological advancement in the financial sector.

My 15 minites explanation mesmerised my curious street lass , she was propelled to think of how does this industry benefits her.

Susan: How do I invest in Blockchain or Bitcoin?CREATE YOUR FIRST DIGITAL WALLET HERE.


I have been a digital assets investor for some time, being a national to a third world country has not been easy to let the digital currency potential’s fact secure it’s best landing spot.

Investing in digital Currencies is not easy as you think likewise it is not a get rich quick ponzi like schemes that hit Uganda of recent. With digital Currencies, they are computational cryptography that uses public ledgers.

This industry is very young, almost everything is on foundational stage, innovations surrounding payments, cloud and storage, store of value, decentralized financing, NFT, gaming, sports, social media extra.

Investment in different startup sounds as a group of people who invested in Visa card in the early 1900’s to start up a giant Visa Card payment processor that does transaction all over the world and the transaction fees goes to those initial investors. The tokenisation of almost every project today sounds as shares of the past, when you buy a token all you should know is, if you choose a good project as its demand grows your tokens grows proportionately or reduces if their is no demand.

As any investment advisor always invest what you can afford to loose. You can loose all your investment if you depend on wrong facts to choose a project, many projects on blockchain are utility tokens and have a problem they are meant solve. There are platforms that are tokenizing all top football teams by creating fans token against team names such as Juventus fans token, CITY fans token etc.

I remember in 2019 I invested in a project targeting web 3.0 network security and has surged by about 300%. At that time, I could afford investing in the project only $12, today the 12 dollars have grown into $116. As you go on studying different projects and their user cases you are forced to sell off or buy more, and identifying new potential projects that can even grow by 10000% or 10000 times.

The time I have taken following different projects, I have helped some of my friends invest in highly potential projects and their investments are paying off handsomely, though some are reluctant to invest in “THOSE THINGS OF BITCOIN”. However, I always regret if I had known about cryptocurrencies by 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto launched the first cryptographic digital currency the popular Bitcoin with a market capitalisation of about $1T and the global cryptocurrency market capitalisation standing at $1.81T.

After all that me and Susan shared contacts. In her last words she told me that, the day was her second birthday day, “I feel like am a new born in a new world very different from that of my yesterday” susan. She was super excited but still i felt she was somehow scared of the scammers that pretend to be good people. I was honoured to settle her restaurant food costs we departed as she was heading for Ntinda and I proceeded to my destination.

After a few days Susan started following crypto on Twitter, joined Facebook groups of different blockchain projects I recommended, Susan sent a message on WhatsApp, the message read “Am ready to go for a trip to Crypto World”.


I sent her a link created her first account that had a number of different blockchain e-wallets, we later shared screens (Sharing Screens is a mobile tech that allows two people use same mobile screen on android but in a different locations), I helped her make first fiat currency deposit to a UGX e-wallet. (Fiat are government offered Currencies such as Ugx, Kshs, Euro, Dollar extra). I helped her use an easy way of using Mobile money, no need for Visa, Mastercard or Bank wire extra. It only took us only 2 minutes to deposit fiat on a UGX e-wallet later it took us about 5 minutes to complete a number of blocks to obtain a fraction of Bitcoin (BTC) that we used to buy other digital assest (coins).

Later after a week, she told me to withdraw some back to her mobile money account so she can also learn how it works, we went converted assest she never wanted into one digital currency that was BTC later converted it to fiat UGX, went for withdrawal by Airtel money where the transaction cost remained normal like it’s done here while traditionally withdrawing mobile money and it took us about 1 hours to complete the transaction.


Its obvious that the future is unstoppable, blockchain has and is continuing to disrupt different industries.

The use of smart contracts has disrupted the financial industry, decentralised digital money borrowing and lending has changed the whole modern financial landscape as their is no central authority to manage system[s], smart contracts are created in a cryptographic algorithms that conditions are set, lending or borrowing and payments follows set parameters in smart contracts and there are specific best blockchains for this. Currently Decentralised Financing has about $43.3B since 2014.

Blockchain has gone into a most valuable sports industry, a popular token has built a Dapp environment that allows fans tokens, almost all top football teams have created fan tokens on the platform. Likewise the music, art and social media industry by the invention of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT). Recently, a tweet by the CEO of Twitter Jack was sold as NFT at about $2.5M.

Education, Health, Land, manufacturing, ecommerce extra alot of projects are being innovated, I told you the industry is in its infancy stages, its foundational stage, alot is happening from government adoption, institutional adoption to popular payment gateways such as Visa Card, PayPal extra.


The USA government has passed proposals under the current president President Joe Biden of about $4 T dollars, this amount is huge and the inflation that will hit the USD will affect almost all of those who would be holding dollars at that time.

You see why institutions are running for rescue to digital non inflationary assest such as Bitcoin, Ethereum , Binance extra.

In a Reuters Digital Assets Week interview, Galaxy Digital founder Mike Novogratz believes that $1 trillion dollars are about to be injected into the crypto sector by April.

PayPal launching its own crypto service, publicly listed companies such as MicroStrategy and Tesla buying into Bitcoin, and large banks (JP Morgan, SolarisBank) and about 40 banks in German starting to offer crypto investments to their wealthy clients is a clear indication that something big is at its foundational stage, this is the first time a third world or an African state is on the same page with the the G7 nations but still many Africans are hesitant, they think what they do not know doesn’t exist or if it exists it’s a scam or a bad thing.

On of the best selling financial book, Rich Dad Poor Dad writer Robert Kiyosaki in his tweet on Twitter or recent said Gold is God’s money, Fiat Currency is government’s money and Cryptocurrencies are people’s money, when you see politicians or traditional banks going against digital Currencies know they are scared of people attaining financial freedom.

With blockchain and the emerging Web 3.0 innovations, the future world will be fair, with equity. Have you ever wondered why Facebook pays nothing to a page or an individual who attracts more than 100,000 followers or 500,000 followers yet Facebook targets your audience for its sponsored advertisements. In 2020 Facebook made a net income of about $28.15B. With blockchain decentralised social media platform such as STEEMIT will pay you for creating content that interests others on their decentralised social media platform.

The World has been unfair, decentralised technology and web 3.0 will empower everyone willing on earth regardless of colour, financial capacity to get access to money and fair decentralised platforms. For instance a Decentralised Finance (DeFi) smart Contract or other blockchain can not be corrupted to do something or favour the privileged.

If a blockchain has been enabled to manage land registration in Uganda, once a land title is stored in blockchain no one can be able to retrieve, alter or modify it. A blockchain ledger is public everyone will be able to see all data on that public ledger, a back dated land title can bot be allowed by blockchain it’s none corrupt, decentralised public ledger, how about that, where would be the elite land grabbers. Blockchain goes beyond money to almost every sector as innovation and research keeps on.

Try out “A trip into the Crypto World, I will help you along the trip”.


CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT HERE, then call me on numbers of send an Email.

Check this graph, Crypto is at age of early adopters

The writer is an I. T practitioner, a digital assest investor and an investment advisor in digital technologies, and a blockchain student.

Author: Kyomugisha Brian

0778989276 or WhatsApp 0751989291.

Disclaimer: The above information is for educational purposes, it should not be regarded as an investment advice. You should do you own research or seek knowledge from people you trust or recommended before investing in any business as every business venture is risky. Always invest what you can afford to loose.


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