Easy P sheds tears as he confesses his wrongs at Masindi Miracle Centre.


Robert Magezi and Easy P Omusomesa of Sitani Ndugaho hit maker at Masindi Miracle centre earlier today. File Photo

Masindi Miracle centre wrote today that:-

“We are joyful to receive brother Abitegeka Patrick aka Easy P Omusomesa one of the music artists in Bunyoro.

In his brandy new gospel hit song “Stani Ndugaho” meaning Satan leave me,featuring Bunyoros’ gospel finnest Robert Magezi he confesses that the devil has for long held him captive to the point of abusing drugs and he calls upon the grace of God to cover him and help him accept Christ as his personal Lord and savior.

Testifying this morning in church he said he comes from a Christian family and he is born of a lay leader and a Reverand. He chose to fellowship with us and he requested his fellow friend and artist Robert Magezi to take him to Masindi Ciracle Center church where he felt was of comfort to him. In his words he confessed having done slot of evil that has brought shame to him and his family and asked the congregation to reach his message to his parents that he is sorry.

His story may not be that good but we are surely persuaded that God is surely turning his life around for the good…

We continue to show love to him and pray that the Lord gradually transforms him into a new being. GOD IS AT WORK”.

Easy p Omusomesa being prayed for at Masindi miracle Centre as Magezi reinforces the prayers.

It should be remembered of recent when news traversed social media about Easy P’s alleged attempt of taking his life by eating rat poision. According to him later after the incident, he did not disclose if he had ate rate poision but affirmed that his issue rotated arround the lady he thought would be a mother of his kid and a future wife but refused him.

Easy P narrated his touching story, apologised to the lady only known as Moreen and both families of his and Moreen. He further apologised to his fans, well wishers and friends.

Later after the whole fracas, a gospel song was hit the airwaves done by Robert Magezi and Easy P produced by Vio Power dubbed “Sitani Ndugaho”. Some section is still wondering if this was not an intended move to create a way out for the realise of this new song. Other Masindi Municipality residents think this seem to be a political move to enter into people’s hearts as he recently declared his intentions to stand for Masindi Municipality Mayorship

Leaving all posibilities we can all say “Easy P Omukama Asiimwe, Kandi Asiimwe muno.”.


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