Ebihyaka Omubihyaka Programmer Tugume JohnBosco in preparations of being introduced by Lover Akiiki.


Tugume JohnBosco and Lover (PHOTO/File)

“I take this opportunity to inform you that I’m planning to formalize my marriage early next year 2020. I have been with someone (Akiiki) with whom we have stayed together for over a decade now. That is not all!.

Its now about 15 years since we met and became lover birds. I than God for giving me such a strong pillar in my life.
Pray for me, support me, guide me etc.
Thank you.

Tugume Johnbosco-Spice Fm,
Chairperson Hoima Media Association
0774903415″ Tugume wrote on his Facebook page.

Tugume JohnBosco is programme host on Spice FM with Banabas and others. Their popular programme that starts at 8:00 pm to 9:00 PM traverses through the whole day news from different areas of Hoima and Bunyoro at large.

Since 2016 we have witnessed a number of media practitioners, being introduced by lovers. We started with Oweki Mugerwa Francis, Omuhamba Akiiki, Fredrick Byenkya, Christopher Nkalu (Chris the Great) we can also talk of Jessy Nector though in a different setup but a neighbour.

He said he needs your Prayers, support and guidance.

Reach Tugume Johnbosco-Spice Fm,
Chairperson Hoima Media Association on 0774903415.


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