EC to dispatch voting materials for Bujenje county tomorrow morning, others county’s materials dispatched.


Speaking to our reporter in his office this evening, Mr. Osinde John Paul the Returning Officer Electoral Commission Masindi District said they have dispatched materials for tomorrow’s elections. 
He also said the materials for Bujenje County will be dispatched tomorrow from the district store for the security purpose, noting that they got information the materials won’t be safe once they are dispatched this evening. 

The returning officer has however said, the materials for the polling stations in Bujenje county which are far from the main road have been dispatched, and they include; Nyantonzi sub county, Bugondo sub county,  two parishes of Bwijanga, Kabango Town Council, Buliima Town Council and Bikonzi sub county.

Mrs. Osinde has appealed to voters to turn up in big numbers and elect their leaders since the direct male and female councilors, and the district chairperson are important leaders at the district, and local people.