Figo West is he the Figo West of Jege jege era, What should the Fan’s party bridge in Figo’s walk to success.


Figo West in a recent event a crown Hotel Hoima.File Photo

Figo West since the days of the great Akiiki Romeo has been one of the best talented artist in western region.

If you can remember, some big brands from Kampala in recent years would be booed if they would exclude the music doctor of the oil land. I mean the biggest brands of artists in Uganda.

However, Figo West’s favour and fame went on dwindling year after year. According to few people we reached and preferred anonymity said that, Figo created bridges with some Radio presenters, Club DJ’s, MC’s, promoters extra who had done a big role to promote him.

Its very evident that Figo West, had been all along producing good music, its not that he stop producing good music for radio stations to shun away from his music, there was personal issues with presenters on a personal level we were told.

Our Music Industry is going no where.

Figo West event that will be hosted at Court View today .

What should Figo West do in this fan’s party to bridge the gap.

What most of the people we reached advised…

He should invite his bad bloods met with them use his other fans to make it a jolly encounter for reconciliation. He knows his bad bloods.

He should strongly connect with fans, like how we see them trying to have an elected fans body and many.

Figo West in Photo

His music management team should not think that their role is to look for business but also set realistic management principles that bridges gaps with other local artists, club DJs and MC’s, Promoters and fans.

He should allow his music label to scout and spend some money sponsoring some young talents. That is how a musical label works (Money Boy Music), a label do not rely on a single artist. And for him being an icon many believe he has to give back, many want to see him sharing with others.

We wish you our great icon a good day, according to people let this be a real interaction. Invite people you wish you should reconcile with. We believe this would be a meaningful engagement. Thank you.


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