Five boats licensed to operate on Lake Albert

Five boats licensed to conduct business: File Photo

Only five boats at Wanseko landing site on Lake Albert in Buliisa district are permitted to cross to Panyimur following the suspension of ferry a few days by UNRA in order pave way for construction and rehabilitation of the site as the flood overwhelmed the landing site and road connecting to the site.

This was revealed on Thursday by the district chairperson, RDC and other stake holders during the meeting at Buliisa Headquarters. They resolved that boats are to operate between 7am to 5:30pm and to carry only 7-8 patients and cargo. 

Speaking to our reporter this morning at the site, one of the licensed transporters said that they started working as normal with the timely schedule which was before corona virus adding that they are working under the strict guidelines from officials. 

We are earning money compared to time we were in lock down because beside an individual we are also charging cargoes, motor cycles and an individual is charged between 15,000-20,000ugx and those who are sick are advised to get travelling document from the RDC, He explained.