Gen. Mugisha Muntu is the man that you will need to learn and get patient with.


The experience of senior opposition politicians and Entrepreneur Jackson Wabyona Rugambwa about Gen. Gregory Muntuyera Mugisha, according to his facebook post.

He doesn’t believe in information that is not substantiated, he doesn’t believe in rumors, malice and propaganda. Muntu will not respond or write about anything if he is not sure until he verifies the same! that is why people who know, believe in his methods and work with him are always patient with him. The son of Muntuyera is a good listener and he will look into your eyes as he nodes his head in submission.

In 2012, he suspended his FDC Party Presidential campaigns in the middle of the road at mid night between Bwaise and Kalerwe, Northern by pass. He summoned his campaign team that was traveling from Masaka to an emergency meeting along the road when he learnt that someone purportedly from his camp has sent a propaganda message to a section of delegates blackmailing his opponent Hon. Nandala Mafabi. The team was supposed to proceed to western Uganda, Kigezi and Ankole the following day. This is what he told us;

” We need to change the political culture, we need to change the political culture, I don’t believe in the campaign of blackmail and malice! We will not continue with our campaigns until I get to know who sent that message. We must act differently ”

In politics, any strategy that upsets or brings down your opponent is applauded, Muntu will instead get bitter and will not approve such strategies. Moreover he is a student of Political Science, Makerere University class of 1981.

The next day, the team didn’t proceed to the field and spent two days in Kampala. His opponent didn’t know of this action. There is always something to learn from this finest gentleman MM.

The is Jackson Wabyona Rugambwa, Politician and an Entrepreneur .

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