Gerald Magarch: The Magarch family Inspired the naming of the popular cane zone to Kinyara.


How did Kinyara come about?, Ekunyarabunyara, Gerald’s father in his early days made the first piped water well,an attraction that amused the natives.
“Mwana iwe ija orole, ekunyara bunyaraaa!”, hey discribed a well urinating water- “Kunyara” hence the name Kinyara!!!!.

Gerry/ Gerald Magarch died yesterday; a very industrious cane farmer in Masindi. His parents were Irishmen and were responsible for lots of farmland developments in Budongo areas.

Gerry’s grandfather Alexander Margach migrated from Knockando township in Scotland in the 1920’s and made a stop-over settlement in South Africa before finally settling in Masindi in 1930’s. Alexander Margach was the father of Charles Margach who was the father of Gerry Margach. His other son, Alester Margach was the father of James Rwampwanyi of Kihande I Cell, Masindi Municipality.

Alexander Margach came to Masindi along with two of his wealthy brothers; Peter Margach and Albert Margach who founded the Kasokwa and Bujenje rubber (palao) plantation estates respectively. His rubber plantation covered the present day Kidamuke, Bwinamira and Kadukuru villages in Budongo Sub-county.

When Alexander Margach died, his son Charles Margach, a Civil Engineer inherited his estate and took it to greater hights. He thus became one of the wealthiest white settlers in colonial protectorate Uganda. When Governor General Sir Andrew Cohen popularised cotton growing in Uganda in the 1950’s, Charles Margach was one of the first to take it on. He built the first cotton ginnery in Bunyoro at Kidamuke Village, built several others in West Nile and exported lint cotton to Europe and Americas at exorbitant gains.

Charles Margach took advantage of the existence of the SS Coryndon ship on Lake Albert to transport his cotton from West Nile to Masindi enrout to Mombasa via Masindi Port and Namasagali. This ship which was locally dubed “Kalindon” belonged to the East African Railways and Harbors which plied Lake Albert with its landing ports being Butiaba, Mahagi and Nimule. Charles owned an 8-seater plane which he personally flew to inspect his businesses; Kisanja, Pakuba and Arua aerodromes being his common landing sites.

Bunyoro-Kitara will long remember their son Gerry as the heir to a weighty legacy of the Margach family and a prominent sugar cane farmer. His father and grand parents were buried at the Goan heritage cemetery near UNRA offices in Masindi Town. It is not yet clear whether he will be buried at the same site or at his home at Kidamuke cell, Kabango Town Council, Masindi District.

My friend Gerry Akiiki, may your soul rest in eternal peace.
Credits: Asiimwe Patrick.


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