Government urged supporting locals attain international standards in order to benefit from oil and gas.

Speaking at the interface dialogue on social accountability in oil and gas governance in the Albertine region on Tuesday afternoon at D’venue Hotel Masindi, convened by RDP Uganda and Action Aid, Mr. Cosmas Byaruhanga the district chairperson urged government to support the locals attain international standards so that they can compete in oil and gas projects.

The politician also said there is need to improve on total transparency and accountability in the revenue management and laws, need to do vigorous civic engagement with clear information up to the grass root.  He further adds government also needs affirmative action to do special investment for the locals to attain international standards to compete with international companies.

“The proper strategies, policies can not only be imagined, but they have to be researched, currently credible information about oil is available but views from the people is still missing. For people to contribute very well must be informed and understand the oil documents from grass root”, He adds. 


Mr. Cosmas also urged top leaders to descend and translate documents and there implications both positive and negative effects of oil and gas to the common person in order to avoid rumors. He also says this happens due to gap of information between government and people from grass root thus causing doubt.

He also says that discovery of oil does not automatically translate into the development of the country, but the translation of the economy will depend on the use of resources from oil, policies strategies, government decisions and entire involvement of young people in oil activities.

Innocent Atuganyira

Innocent Atuganyira is a seasoned journalist from Buliisa, and covers different stories in Masindi and Buliisa plus Bunyoro atlarge. Email: atuganyirainnocent@gmail.com

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