Govt implements ARSD Project in Albertine Region


The government of Uganda yesterday implemented the Albertine Region Sustainable Development Project ( ARSDP), aiming at Improving regional and local access to infrastructure, markets, services and skills development in the Albertine Region.

The meeting was convened by Sheila Naturinda the communications specialist ministry of lands, housing and urban development, updated the communications officers, focal persons and journalists from the districts of Buliisa, Hoima and Kikuube at Hoima Resort Hotel.

Sheila Naturinda also updated on the preparation of physical plans for the nine urban centres in the region, which included Wanseko, Biiso, Kigorobya, Kabwoya, Kyaruseisa, Butema, Kyangwali, Kiziramfubi, and Buhuka.

She further said the works contracted to Abubaker technical services covers eight roads totaling up 118.1km in Kikuube and Hoima districts costing a total of 19,706,302,270 ugx and expected to be completed on 11 April this year.

The roads to be constructed include; Kihombya- Kyarubanga -Bukerenge 10.6km, Kiboirya -iseisa -Buhamba12.5km, Kitoba- Icukira- Kigorobya 11.2km, Kitoba- Kyabasengya -Kaboijana 14.75km, Waki-Kiryabutuzi- Mparangasi 16.2km, Bulindi -Waki- Dwoli 17.6km, Kasambya -Wagesaburalu 19.85km.

The works contracted to Greystone investment limited in Buliisa covers three toads of Buliisa- Bugana 10.8 km, Kisiabi – Kabolwa 9.8 km and Ngwedo – Ndadamire- Bikongoro 10.7km totaling 31.3km costing 5,522,928,185ugx and expected to be completed on 8 April this year.


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