Happy Godwin: I used to fold my Exercise book, Rap Football matches at School.


File Photo: Happy Godwin

Happy Godwin is a reknown award winning sports radio presenter in Bunyoro. He has inspired many and in his execution of his duty he has promoted a number of talents.

Godwin started nursery at Butanjwa Kindergarten, he later went to Bwiikya Quran where he finished his Primary level. In his secondary studies he joined St Peter’s Kiryatete, done his S.4 later joined Bwiikya Secondary for his A. Level. After his A. Level Mugula Dan a teacher of Kitara Institute who had identified special qualities in Godwin advised a hesitant mother of Godwin to let him join Journalism at Kitara Institute though she was skeptical of the scarce Journalism opportunities at that time.

In an interview Happy Godwin told Bunyoro Sqoop that he had passion for his current job all along starting from school. “In my A. Level at Bwikya Secondary on a coca cola sponsored games, a teacher found me with a folded exercise book rapping matches at the playground and everybody was impressed. The teacher was thrilled by the talent, he was forced to give me a hand held speaker (mukarakasa). I become a point to reckon on at any football function.” Godwin was quoted.

In 2011 Happy Godwin with help from Afande Fredo joined Spice FM as a sports radio presenter. ” I remember very well my first Premier League match to broadcast on air was between Chelsea and Manchester City” Godwin told our reporter.

If you are not a beginner you can remember the spice sports veterans switching to different roles. Ssegawa Davis and Afande Fredo Kavuyo were the icons of sports in Hoima this might be history to teens but those in their 20’s and above must have known these great sports radio presenter veterans.

Do you even remember Roberto, I guess some of you were still young. But Fredo I guess can remember him in those days at LBS, those guys would make noise while broadcasting a match, the whole family would be thrilled to draw nearer to their radio sets…..do you remember ” ekiyenje kirabire hamunwa gwe’enkoko………..

Those who have been carefully following must have observed Happy Godwin’s much respect for Byenkya Fred and Segawa Davis but might have not known why?

“I was a student of Byenkya Fred at Kitara Institute of commerce and media studies, he taught me alot a s his student. Segawa David was my co-presenter I also learnt alot from him too at Spice FM as a beginner”, Godwin added.

He is termed a speed merchant of words, trust me he has such great speed in giving out his sports presentation.

Godwin has been involved in different battles with most western sports presenters. The memorable one is that he battled the Fortportal radio presenter Inno Messa “The Peace Maker”, there have been battles between Godwin and Makelele of LBS. “People always judge their way, but I believe we are all great sports presenters” he further told our reporter.

On joining other radio stations, ” I have been contacted by many radio station within Bunyoro and outside but a few issues would not tally with my expectations. I have been even contacted by UBC, we did not agree on some certain conditions, I opted to stay at my current job and I am happy with my Bosses and my co-workers.

Happy Godwin is a father of one and a husband of one wife. The kid is in baby class at Nest of harmony Hoima.

In different areas of Hoima and far, people know Akiiki Omuhamba for his legendary press review and Agatalimu Kahoiga, but what other presenter these people know is Happy Godwin for his unique sports presentations. I guess he is one of the Kings of Sports in Bunyoro. Thank you for your service to this great land.


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