Hoima Municipality: Businesses Paralyzed by stolen Meter Box Circuit Breakers


Thugs in Hoima Town today morning have vandalized a set of house power meter boxes, stealing unknown number of circuit breakers and nothing else.

Areas around Main Street a set of unknown number of meter boxes were affected and business is on a stand still as it costs much to spend a day using fuel [Generator].

A lot number of people have been affected mainly around the centre of the Town and the police at time of press seem to have not gotten any information about the act.

One affected person names withheld on Main Street told Sqoop that they have been surprised by this act; they were wondering of who can steal these less valued items. “We have tried calling UMEME, we were told to report at Police” She was quoted.

The other affected person names withheld told us that somewhere somehow they have been reluctant to enclose their meter boxes. “I think somewhere somehow we have not been cautious about such issues, I have been here but I have never thought of this yet these metal boxes are sold with the closing door. I have already contacted my electrician and he is already here working on the damaged box” he was quoted.

However, when Sqoop conversed with the electrician we were told that, this has been happening though a few have heard about it. He advised the affected people to get technicians and handle the problem because UMEME would do less to help them as this largely falls on the side cost of the house owner/Business owner. “if at all you need to save some money from using fuel as you wait for Umeme which we all know the pace it was at” the electrician added.


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