Hoima Municipality: Kasule Ismail, Put to order our Town or we take action.


Hoima municipality is slowly but systematically losing its status of being one of the organized municipalities.

With the discovery of Oil in the region, one would have hoped that the current leadership of the municipality would be doing all in their means to put this City on the next level.

Contrary, the municipal offices now look to be abandoned and left for cows to graze. Is the Mayor sleeping on her job?. Is the Town clerk failing to prioritise the cleanliness of the town? Or the Municipality executive have joined those they are supposed to supervise, in mismanaging the municipal funds?.

Well, if all these people incharge with the duty of keeping our town orderly fail to clear that bush within one week, I will mobilise all the loving citizens of Hoima to come and we clean our municipal premises.

Author: Kasule Ismail


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