Hon. Muganwa Kajura to loose his ancestral home to an alleged money lender Ssali.


Hon. Henry Muganwa Kajura. File Photo.

Ssali a Kampala businessman, a reportedly said to be a dealer in a number of businesses including money lending business, its allegedly said that he is transferring a land title of the ancestral home of Former 2nd Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public service over a failed debt payment.

A big land that lies along Kigorobya- Buliisa- Wanseko road, where coffee inter mixed with bananas and cocoa defines its fertility levels in Kitoba is said to have been mortgaged in an illegal but agreed on sell agreement. A money lender persuades you to sign an agreement that says you have sold off a property on the amount borrowed, if you pay back the agreement is destroyed if not the mortgaged property is taken though the amount borrowed was not worth the value of the property, it’s at all times on the advantage of the money lender.

It has been said that, this debt come at a time of 2016 elections when he [Kajura] was battling with Hon. Lawrence Bategeka in the Hoima Municipality MP seat.

In the highly contested election of the Hoima Hoima vs Kisiika, alot of billions was injected by both parties. Ssali is said to have been known to friends of the wife of the former Prime Minister, the wife was introduced to Ssali, started giving the family some soft loans, but the hard loan was given out at the eleventh hour of the 2016 election when campaign team had headed towards tough times and this batch borrowed seem to be the one that has escalated this whole issue to this level.

It’s allegedly said that, these Hoima friends [street wise] who would lure the wife of Hon. Muganwa Kajura into dubious deals, reaped much from all these deals and they seem to be the ones who would end up making these loans bad loans. We have further learnt that all these dealings and loans would be ran by the wife. In a rush documents would be presented to a very busy old man at the time. Remember at that time Kajura was the 2nd Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Public Service who was conducting alot of business on behalf of the Ugandan government.

Rumours say the loan was 500 millions but kept appreciating till it reached to more than a billion.

However, the NRM Chairperson Hoima, Hon. Muganwa Kajura seems unhappy with the Uganda government. In the recent days, CNOOC Uganda tarmacked the Kyangwali Buhuuka stretch where section of his land that was at the start of the road bordering with Christopher Irumba still is not compensated.

In a newspaper brief of 2018, Hon. Kajura was to be paid 3.65 billion after a court ruling. But according to Hon. Muganwa Kajura,  he was not paid upto date. This is the money,  according to him he planned to use to settle his family debts.

When Bunyoro Sqoop reporter was in the corridors of Hoima town, this is what people said. “Henry Muganwa has also sacrificed alot in the name of NRM party the ruling government, someone wonders why this issue escalates to this level. The government should help him out. He is demanding the government, but at some point we see government bailing out companies. Hon. Kajura played important role for the NRM government to take power, what is NRM doing at this time when Muzee Kajura seem to need it most. I still insist Hon. Kajura is a rich man, government owes him a million dollar. We all take loans we put up plans to pay them off, but at times we are disappointed like how Hon. Kajura has been disorganised by the Uganda government”. A citizen who preferred anonymity told us.

Some other Political analysts are boarding a similar boat of Tamale Mirundi, that believes, this is the works of the mafias who are working hard to paint such a bad image to a President who uses people and forgets them so first.

Some Political analysts are boarding a similar boat, that believes, this is the works of the mafias who are working hard to paint such a bad image to a President who uses people and forgets them so first.

In the inner circles, rumours of recent were circulated that,  this issue was settled  by the President. “To me it seems to mean the President might have intervened at some point but some people who were delegated to handle the issue [President’s handlers] were compromised by the said mafias.” a political analyst observed.


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