I insist, calling Kabalega is a sign of self failure.


I have lived these few close to 40 years and we have over the years not accepted that our time has not been utilised well. We still read and trade the historic thesis of great Kabalega Chwa. I often tell my sons and daughters of how they must make their own names. I have made mine. I need not much introduction. This must just be a foundation for you to use as you strive to make your name. If you are still called or known by your father or your grand fathers name, know that you have not done enough of your self and your next generation.

This is not an attack to the Kabalega. Today, I made a simple drive from Buliisa to Kakumiro. I asked a diehard from our land and nation Bunyoro. Asked him to tell me three kings of Bunyoro. He mentioned Kabalega only. What do we mean. We can not mention even a three generation Kings. Have we read about the reason the Kings staged the great fights. I mean, have we embraced the Bunyoro that Chwa fought for and led.

Bunyoro needs to style up. We need to learn three things.

1. Resistance. We must resist what is not good for Bunyoro. Its funny that now we even glorify the sole leadership even when they are enslaved politically. How can u be such a resource rich nation or region and remain such impoverished but glorify the leadership.

2. Self reliance. The biggest thing Bunyoro must do is to establish leadership that makes it live as though we are not in Uganda. We must learn that we can rely on our own. The people must become proud enough to think and act independently. Self reliance is a process of being able to make self decisions. Bunyoro must marry two things. Resistance and self reliance. We must learn that we need to rely on our own challenges if the time comes and stop relating the solutions to the dead. Oba how many years since the King we all glorify was put to rest in the Mpumudde hills later Mparo. Are we waiting for the Basoga to resurrect him then we call him the solution for our historic and future development dilemma. We have over lived in the past. We now must start living in both the present and the future. Our problems will not be solved by us calling Kabalega. Actually, we are a betrayal generation. The spirits of our dead heroes like Kabalega are crying over our typically different human beings. They fought for our land we have sold it. They fought for freedom we have sold it pettly. They were brave we are timidly cowards. They resisted dominance but we are even facilitating it here.

3. We must become the solution. Bunyoro must learn some constructive pride. We need to offer leadership with a purpose. We for instance are in the process of forming a city in Hoima. Shall we also hand over to the hunters. Shall we allow it to be led by the “Omugigi” confirmation level of understanding and education. Shall we cry to the Kabalega to come back. Shall we ask the sole leadership to solve all our problems. 
Our future is only made when we become the solution. We have over lamented. We must realize that all will never be well. There will be no time when we are ready to do something. Its always time. Bunyoro must unite for a cause. One time I said that we must present a presidential candidate and all of us kept quite quiet in fear. We must now understand that we have two choices. To either offer leadership or accept slavery.

My message today is that we should stop calling Kabalega if we don’t merit to live his life. He accepted no mediocrity. He accepted no patronage. He fought for what he believed in. He offered leadership. Let’s do exactly and liberate his ancestral land.

I know I can’t be understood. Slave of a political nature don’t understand or comprehend slavery. Every freedom fighter is always treated like an enemy by the slave master and the slave. Its the slaves who are used to torture and fight their freedom fighter. 
Until we understand that Kabalega is in us, we shall still refer to him to fight for us.

Disclaimer: We as Bunyoro Sqoop we welcome any opinion by any one if it’s of a constructive use to the Development of Bunyoro and Uganda at large. All the expressions and opinions in this write-up are not of Bunyoro Sqoop but for the author of the article. 


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