I still stand with Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza. 


Following the incident that happened in Seeta I still stand with Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza. Do your homework on what happens when a general is injured in a certain place, in diameter of a half a mile surrounding that location; the natives must regret such incident. That is army protocol. Western Youth elections in Fort portal when Gen Tumukunde was hit by a tear gas can star, do you know what happened. It was more than that traffic officer incident, dozens suffered, including my brother lost everything on quest to save his dear life.

Governor Mutebile moves in a convoy, however, a governer doesn’t even near the powers of a President or VP in the hierarchy of power but an ambassador is seen somewhere. The Governor’s convoy bends a lot of traffic rules. If Gen Kasirye Gwanga, Gen Kale Kaihura did that U-Turn it wouldn’t have even crossed her mind (Namaganda the traffic officer) to do so in a pursuit of protecting the traffic rules because she is not ignorant about them, she knows them.

Any person on a level of an ambassador can even be Vice President because he represents a state; he is the image of a country, the image of the President of the Country he represents. Would that lady stop a convoy of the VP? She did this just because Gen Matayo has been living his normal life for some time and some do not recognize him easily, they just hear of a man who attacked and took over Kampala. He doesn’t move in convoys, he is different from these glory seekers in the government today. In his simple life, don’t stand in his way because you being ignorant about his purpose to this country will cost you much.

Every person on a level of ambassador (at the same a member of high command) can do anything at any time either it violates other people’s rights because it may save even more, that is why a president can declare state of emergency. Gen Matayo is one of the few people who sit on high command; it means at any time a call for attention to a national security threat can surface. Why do you expect a general who has already been insulted by a corporal to have mercy on such a traffic officer? It’s said that the traffic officer told Gen Matayo that what she was saying could only be understood by his driver, do you think Gen Matayo don’t know the traffic rules, that was clear insult that Gen. Matayo is ignorant about these cheap traffic rules.

I thank God; it was Gen Matayo a disciplined officer, who just slaps, it’s on record Gen Matayo has never shot at or any civilian out of a disagreement. What do you suspect from someone who shot a car just because someone made noise for his Kid, if this had happened to him?

We have seen someone jumping up in celebration that he has gotten a point to cling on. When Kasirye shot at Kusasire it was their time to rejoice. What did they comment on that, however, they were praising their great man Gen Kasirye.

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