International Environment Day: After Uganda Martyrs and IDD Day, What Should be done Next.


Let’s all join this day after Uganda Martyrs and IDD day. It will be the international Environment Day.

Let’s plant at least 10 trees each person.

Let’s reflect on the Kaveraz we use daily.

Let’s make a commitment not to dump waste anywhere especially in our towns and as we move in our vehicles along the road.

Let every household and shop have a dumping site or improvise a waste bin like a box.

Let’s adopt a good waste management culture.

Let’s engage on a sustainable petroleum development that respects our biodiversity.

Let’s appreciate that we need nature more than nature needs us.

Let’s commit to walk some times or use none motorable transport means.

Let’s protect our biodiversity especially forests like Bugoma that is at the verge of being destroyed by our own.

If you can’t plant a tree don’t cut it.

Let’s use less of dirty cooking and use more of clean cooking.

Let’s embrace clean energy. At MIRAC we sale high quality solar kits cheaply.

I thank you and welcome you to the International Environment Day 2019


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