INTERVIEW: Stuart Woods wants to own the World’s Biggest Online Radio.


If you are fascinated by the Entertainment Industry in Bunyoro, the name Stuart Woods should have ever crossed your eyes sometime or better still, your ears in the many Runyoro songs that artists get to call him out in. I caught up with him and had a little chat about a number of things but majorly, his Woods Online Radio.
Who is Stuart Woods?
I am Tumusiime Stuart, aka, Stuart Woods, a professional Artist and Designer. I am also a Blogger and Music Promoter.
Where did you grow up and what was your childhood dream?
I was born and raised in Kihomboza, Hoima. My childhood dream was always being a radio presenter. I love music so being the one to curate playlists for people and be in charge was my dream.
Do you still have the Radio dream?
Yes! I still have the Radio Dream and as we talk now, there is a live show going on online, on Woods Online Radio by my boy DJ Cleo.
Let us talk about Woods Online Radio, where are you now and what are your prospects?
First, I want you to know that I am going to make the world’s biggest online radio. Numerous people have welcomed the idea and are supporting intensely. I have people sponsoring my shows and my DJs are gaining momentum all the time. I am personally going on air soon. It is big things only coming up.
What exact plan do you have on making it the biggest online radio, what is your strategy?
I am a business man. There is no way I am telling you my strategy before execution, but watch the space. Just to let you know, I have a renowned Nigerian DJ that is going to be playing weekly on Woods Online Radio, I am putting up a fully fledged website which is going to be a one stop centre for information, our shows and so on. We are in motion.
For how long have you been a Blogger, and Promoter?
I have been around since 2017.
What are some of your achievements as a Promoter and Blogger?
I have introduced artists. Musicians that were barely known but I managed to make their names penetrate and sink through. I got major endorsements in the campaign period all which were well paying. I have managed to acquire land and start on construction of a house that is in final stages. I have also grown a substantial network.
Do you want to say you are constructing a house from Music Promotion and Blogging savings?
Not surely, I do have other sources, like I told you I am an art designer, at Woods Art Point next to Central Market in Hoima town. I also do farming.
As a promoter, which Bunyoro artist have you loved working with most?
They are many, but Dan Muza. He is extra talented and we understood each other very well.

Dan Muza, a rapper Stuart Woods introduced, performing at an event in Hoima.

How has COVID19 affected you as a promoter?
There is totally nothing going on in our industry, so this means zero gigs. For us it is totally nothing but we are trying to keep afloat from other sources and helping each other.
Comment on the music industry in Bunyoro.
The industry is stunted. If its growth was in percentages, it might be like at 30%. We are making music but not selling across borders yet the market here is not paying.
So what can be done to change this situation for the better?
Serious artists should know what brought them to the industry and work towards achieving exactly that. The excuse of having no money to invest in talent needs to end. The artists themselves can turn around the industry.
We saw Rema-Hamza like pictures of you, who is that girl?
My girlfriend

Stuart Woods with his girlfriend, Glosh Woods.

Where did you meet? Are you making it official any soon?
I will let you know when time comes, but our meeting was in a Hospital. I saw her once and I decided to make her mine.
What do you want your legacy to be?
I want to be remembered as someone who devoted his life to bettering the state of Entertainment in Bunyoro region and the country at large.
Parting shots?
It has been a pleasure talking to you off air Raymond. I want you and everyone know, that Woods Online Radio is coming to be an Entertainment leader in the land, so, stay hooked.


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