Is the Problem Bunyoro or we the People of Bunyoro.

Let me be humble on this subject. There are two facts. Either it is both a solution and problem with us. Let me however remind us of the fact that its either Bunyoro or its people that is the problem.
I will not spend much time diagnosing the problem. That BUNYORO has ably done it. Every fora will bring you the problem but not the solution. They will tell you of laziness, low productivity, poor attitude, political disharmony, historic injustice, political marginalisation interlia.
Let me ask you of the solution. What can be done to solve our problem?
But how can a nation with all these resources and blessings be such poor? With this forests, water, fertile people like its soils, vast land, now oil, gas, fat history, culture, climate among others.
The problem perhaps is elsewhere. Bunyoro can’t be the problem. Let us be humble and accept that its us the people who is the problem.
Its not Bunyoro that makes you lazy. Its not it that has made you fear even a mosquito. Its not Bunyoro that has made you arrive at your office late. Its not Bunyoro that has made you hate your fellow people. Why then do you not with fellow people of Bunyoro good. Is it good to fight permanently? Why can’t we identify the difference between leaders and misleaders. One friend of mine calls our current leaders group leaders. Why can’t we tap the good in Bunyoro and turn it into fortunes. If you want to understand me, don’t convict, assassinate or prosecute me. Learn from me. Why not fear evil but you fear your government. If you want to know that its not the people of Bunyoro who are the problem but you who is reading this piece, look.
You have not created any job since this year started. You have not connected any person or not more than 5 since 2018 for any job. If in your enterprise you have not generated even two more enterprises for others, you are the problem. Look at the other people around you. They feel safe when they attract their people near you.
Make a personal diagnosis. If you feel well when others are succeeding. Look at how much you invest in shaping good leadership. Have you joined them in lamenting or solving challenges? Have you become the solution or joined them in the problem.
Any way, we need to correct the wrong in us the people. A few days ago, I did mention that Bunyoro needed to be more ambitious. I actually did not mean Bunyoro but the people.
We need to correct the mess. Stop lamenting about Kabalega. Who told you that the problem of the day required the dead to solve. If you are not “ebitwekane” bustards, you should be the solution. I hope you are not descendants of the “ntitizi” cowards.
Who told you that the problem of the day required the dead to solve. If you are not “ebitwekane” bustards, you should be the solution. I hope you are not descendants of the “ntitizi” cowards “
Actually whenever I hear Kabalega, its a discredit to the current leadership both at the throne and its subjects. One time I told my children how rarely I refer to them as Kiwanuka. Precisely, if you still are called by your father’s or grand father’s name, it implies that you have been insignificant in your time.
As a people, let’s address some of the issues we have. Let’s address our productivity, empower our people to appreciate education, people attitude, love for one another, reading and influencing of the political trajectories. Let’s work as slaves but eat like bosses. Can we by all means begin begin reading Uganda and in 10 years ahead.
Bunyoro can do two things to solve our challenges. Enhancing our people education and enhancing efficiency in leadership.
I suppose this we read and design intervention that address our people not our national region.
Don’t blame the region of Bunyoro. Blame yourself for not doing enough to address Bunyoro and its plight.
This is the Second piece. We will bring other 1 remaining Parts (Episodes) under the same theme by the the same Author. For now, thank you. The writer is a junior citizen, passionate of our governance and shaping a peaceful political transition.
Disclaimer: We as Bunyoro Sqoop we welcome any opinion by any one if it’s of a constructive use to the Development of Bunyoro and Uganda at large. All the expressions and opinions in this write-up are not of Bunyoro Sqoop but for the author of the article.


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