Julio Blaise is another big point that has happened to Bunyoro Music Industry


We have watched this Guy start up his Music career a few years back, made his breakthrough with a classy Song Titled Sarafina featuring Chan Lee a love song that everyone fell in love with, he later teamed up with the same artist this year for a song Called Sindani that has been all over Media, and topped Bunyoro Music Countdowns for Months. 

Guess what, this Young Versatile, talented boy Called Julio Blaise is back in yet another extraordinary brand new bang dubbed Tapo that many are considering so far as the Western region song of the Year.

When you listen to the song you fill a mature communication narration, the piece is informative, inspiring and the flow is absolutely enjoyable.

Produced by Brain WorX Media/Matrix den Audio Lab finest producer Matrix beats(Beat Ya Matrix) the same guy behind hits like Tukikole by Dan Muza & Shania B, Batema Ninsoga by XY, next president is a Munyooro by Keron G FT XY and so forth. 

To all the Julio BlaiseHolics and Blaise diehards get Tapo Song from all music libraries, request to it from all western region radio stations and feel the beat.

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