Kabakumba denies using political position to acquire former Bujenje Estate land.


Former Minister Kabakumba Matsiko, and Bujenje Member of parliament. FILE PHOTO

The former Member of Parliament for Bujenje county in Masindi district, Kabakumba Labbwoni Masiko has denied allegations that she used her political position to acquire the former Bujenje Estate.

Kabakumba, the Masindi NRM district chairperson NRM was appearing before the parliamentary committee on Commissions of Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) that is investigating the properties of the departed Asians’ Property Custodian Board.

The investigations comes after the occupants of the over 690 acres of the land covering Ikoba, Kityedo and Bihanga villages in Bwijanga sub county that Kabakumba bought from the custodian board petitioned the committee asking it to ascertain the possession and transfer of ownership of the tittle of the land and ascertain whether she fulfilled all the necessary requirements before possessing the land in question.

COSASE vice chairperson and Makindye East MP Ibrahim Kasozi tasked Kabakumba to explain to the committee on how she bought the said land and avail receipts to the committee as evidence that she bought the land.

Kasozi said that the auditor’s report of 2018 indicates that politicians in Uganda have used their political position to acquire land at the expense of the poor adding that the committee is investigating the custodian board on the transaction of the said land.

In response Kabakumba told the committee that she bought the land in 2004 following an advert in New Vision paper that was calling for bidders to buy it. She added there were many bidders but all of them lost interest in the land which prompted the board to engage her to buy it with the initial deposited of 350,000 shillings and that on 19th January 2006 she made the final payments of 3,150,000 shillings.

George Bizibu the custodian board executive secretary told the committee that the transaction of former Bujenje Estate was fully executed by the custodian board and the board’s valuers did their work. Bizubu said that an advert was run in the new vision and that the custodian Board does not have any complaint in regards to the transaction.

However Kasozi referred the matter to the speaker of parliament for guidance after the committee learnt that Kabakumba filed a case at Masindi high court seeking the eviction of the residents from the land. Kasozi noted that the committee is not supposed to intervene in any matter which is before courts of law unless it gets permission from the speaker of parliament who the residents had petitioned in 2015.


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