Kassim Rubenda, Omukama’s Bodyguard – Omubogora.


Rubenda Kassim Omubogora wa Kabumba. File Photo

Rubenda Kassim was a Mugungu Muchwa by clan a son to Isaya Bintu.

His dad was the first bicycle repairer in the whole of Bunyoro Kingdom. He made bicycle spokes out of fence wires.

Rubenda became the speaker of Orukurato (Bunyoro kingdom parliament during the reign of Sir. Tito Winyi. After the fall of Obote 1, he ran into exile in Zaire from where he learnt the skills of repairing typewriters and duplicating machines which he practiced when he came back from exile.

He was also the first general secretary of the Uganda Peoples Congress. After the restoration of the Kingdoms in 1993, he went back to the Kingdom and worked as the head of Omukama’s guard known as Omubogora.

He was a football referee. We thank his family for availing us with this photo.

Bugungu Heritage have done a great job to bring these facts to ink, thank you.