“King Kabalega loved hard work, independence, unity, peace and development.” Prime Minister Oweki Byakutaga.


    Oweki Andrew Byakutaga flagging off Kabalega Rally. File Photo

    It gives a lot of pleasure to be here at the flag off of the Total-Kabalega Motor rally that has been organized by Uganda Motor sport Club (UMOSPOC).

    This is the fourth edition of the rally that has been organized in honour of Omukama Kabalega.

    Yesterday, the Chairman of the Royal Commission Dr Kabagambe Kaliisa flagged off the vintage car show at Rukurato hall which featured some of the ancient cars that have been preserved for the current generation to see, use and appreciate.

    Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom appreciates the organisers of this event, the sponsors and partners for this wonderful occasion.

    It is pleasing to note that Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom is among the partners that have supported this rally.

    As a Kingdom, we are happy that you have organized this rally and named it after our great King Kabalega who was a hero in Africa.

    Omukama Kabalega’s legacy lives on and this rally is contributing a lot towards the current generation reflecting on the contribution of our great King in the liberation of Africa.

    Omukama Kabalega loved hard work, independence, unity, peace and development.

    As a Kingdom, we are happy that the rally is promoting the ideals which Omukama Kabalega treasured.

    We are using this rally to also remember Maj Ndahura, one of the best rally drivers who perished in the East African Safari rally in 1970. He hailed from this district. We lost a great talent.

    I have been briefed that this year’s rally is being held under the theme of Opening domestic tourism in bunyoro sub region.

    It is our joy that this rally continues to grow and it joins the list of rallies that are recognized globally so that we started getting guest drivers who are among the world’s best.

    I have been briefed by the organisers that over 40 drivers registered to compete in this rally.

    We wish our people in Bunyoro to also develop capacity to take part in such competitions.

    We have lots of talented people that need further training in this sport inorder for them to compete in national and international rally events.

    Counsel Musa Kabega who is from this district has consistently competed in rallies.

    It is estimated that this year’s rally will inject over 2 billion shillings in the local economy in Bunyoro region. We need such events that give our people incomes.

    We shall continue using sports and tourism to transform the social-economic welfare of our people.

    I wish all drivers a safe and competitive rally.

    May the best team win.

    For God and my Country.



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