Kitara Fc Outshine Dove Fc in a Bunyoro Derby.


This was a match that had mounted a lot of pressure from both sides, our reporters heard people saying that this was a kind of a game that would break Kitara Fan’s spirit if lost to Dove Fc at their home grounds. On the other side some people considered it time for payback and this match was a revenge for what Dove Fc did to Kitara Fc in Masindi in the first quarter of this season.

The Bunyoro Derby at Kigaaya was organized with a brass band from Radiant Hope, fans had much power and passion and this organized support base swallowed the vuvuzela noise and ululation from the visiting team fans.

George Senkaaba’s shot in the first half melted Araaft Dove goal keeper’s spirit that later gave a way for the one George score other two goals making it a first hatrick at Kigaaya Playgrounds.

George Senkaaba’s hatrick made a much contested game, a match thought to be the hardest turn out to be an easy take for Kitara Fc since the inception of this season. Dove suffered dramatic loss to Kitara Fc 3:0 the results few people expected.

Coach Makumbi with Team CEO  Mr. Joshua (Photo Courtesy: Captain Jeff)

Fans were praising Coach Makumbi for the impression he has shown since he arrived at Kitara Fc, one of the fans told Sqoop that “This man whatever he touches turns Gold” we are yet to prove the ole gunnar solskjaer of Kitara Fc who gives dead hopes life. Bunyoro Sqoop snoops told us fans exhibit much trust in the new head coach as Fans were seen holding banners with writings “ In Makumbi we in trust”.


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