Lumbuye hits a deadlock, Do not joke with Bunyoro Issues:-


Lumbuye NUP diaspora Activists
“Treat this man’s allegations about the kidnapping of his majesty the lion of Bunyoro by SFC and under custody at mbuya barracks as diversionary and unfortunate, whatever the intentions,may the spirit of omukama kabalega strick him and serve as a lesson to others never ever involve omukama of Bunyoro in these cheap videos aimed at causing civil unrest.we are warriors and we can fight our war, we fight till last Man retreat no surrender as our motto states conquer or die,thats the Bunyoro spirit.

His majesty the King of Bunyoro is in the palace running his kingdom,and the minister of information together with the prime minister will make an official statement in hours to come, his majesty will appear before his subjects.
Hangiraza Agutamba, Hangiraza Enkye’enungi, hangiraza ekitule Ekinobere Abeemii.
Hangiraza Rukirabasaijja kabamba Iguru Solomon Gaffabusa Entaale ya Bunyoro.” Aggrey Valen.