As Bunyoro continues to enjoy a rich culture many young couples are swiftly embracing our oldest marriage culture of Okubunga and Okweranga, the Director of MAF Holdings Uganda Mr. Wobusobozi Collins and his long time sweet heart Miss Kaahwa Robinah Ateenyi will soon walk down the traditional marriage ceremonies.

We spoke to Mr.Wobusobozi and he highlighted a few things youth should embrace in order to keep their youthful marriages intact

An Ancient Runyoro Adage goes “Amaka gatungwa encoome”,another English saying goes “Treat her like a Queen she will bring out the King in you” Mr. Collins remarked in his opening statement

Mr.Wobusobozi says .once you two have spotted one another, kindly get off the sexual network more especially the online dating and physical encounters which has devastated most marriages. Know it in your heart that he or she is what God prepared for you know that whatever your looking for in others your partner has it, if u don’t adhere to this rule 3 years down the road in your private adventures. Mr. DISEASE will get hold of you and ruin your much treasured Family. In other words wakacwiremu kuswera rundi kuswerwa ikaliza omugongo hansi you will enjoy your marriage 100%.

He also noted that pride in a family is a true moving DEVIL. “Amaka gatungwa encoome rundi endooma”. Competition for recognition in a family normally develops huge cracks in a family setting. Omusaija nuwe aba mutwe mumaka kandi Nyinabwenge aba Ibega mumaka ababiri tibakainganaga. How ever this does not mean mistreating a woman.

It simply means TREATING YOUR WOMAN LIKE A QUEEN. A woman is presumed to be a flower in a home which must be maintained nka orugonjo rwebitooke. Simply keep the woman in her burning and shining nkenyanja Mwitanzige ha saha musanju za Musana

Further a woman ought to understand that a man is the head of the family and by culture deserves the moral respect whether he is poor or rich. Now if the two decide to be stingy towards one another undermining each other that marriage will automatically fail. Each of you must and must respect his or her partner’s position in the family.

It is God who granted you two different status and if you try to auto correct that status my sister or brother just know okugemurra omuti ogukuzire kandi gukugya kucweka instead.

Forgiving one another, most of our hearts deceive us in this way, obundamuganyira namera ha mugongo instead you opt to remain stingy for a quit period of time not knowing where there is conflict love disappears in thin air.

Yes you may think conjugal rights is all you need from your partner, my dear trust me its just a matter of time that family will be no more. Learn to forgive swiftly “kandi ensobi girole nketaroho”. Your family will stand the test of time.

We wish Ndugu Collins and Robinah a successful marriage


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