Masindi DEO argues Banyoro to stand firm for Bunyoro History to be involved in the new Curriculum.


Masindi District Education Ofgicer Officer Mr. Kyomubendo Francis. FILE PHOTO

The Masindi district education officer (DEO) Francis Kyomuhendo has expressed concern on the new O’ level curriculum saying some of the provisions do not favor Bunyoro as a region.

Kyomuhendo revealed that the history of Bunyoro kingdom has been omitted in the new O’ level curriculum. He made the revelation during the inauguration ceremony of enhancing sweater skills and sweater knitting held at revival Christian Church in Kijura on Tuesday.

The DEO said that it is very absurd that in the new curriculum which is being implemented by the Ministry of education in history subject the ministry has only included kingdoms of Buganda and Ankole and left out Bunyoro Kitara kingdom. He said one cannot talk about Kingdoms in Uganda without talking about Bunyoro kingdom which he referred as the mother of all the kingdoms in Uganda.

Kyomuhendo who has been in education for over 3 decades said Bunyoro Kingdom is rich in history adding that you cannot discuss the history of Uganda without Bunyoro kingdom with its famous King the late King Kabalega who resisted the British rule. He asked all the Banyoro to join hands when it is still early enough to petition the ministry of Education so as Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom is also included in the new O’ level curriculum.

Kyomuhendo said is also disappointed that, agriculture as a subject has been made optional adding that the future of this country lies on agriculture saying it is very bad to make agricultural skills option at the expense of physical education and Swahili language something he condemns.

He says agriculture could have been made compulsory saying that language is learnt by force depending on the community your living in and vowed to petition the ministry.


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