Masindi deputy RDC in trouble, residents demand for his transfer

Masindi Local Government signposts. FILE PHOTO

Over 200 residents from the three villages of Kaborogota, Kituuka 2 and Namagonge in Pakanyi sub county Buruli county Masindi district have petitioned the office of the president demanding for the transfer of the Masindi district deputy RDC Longino Baheebwa Byagagaire accusing him of  abuse of authority.

According to the petition to the office of the president dated 20thFebruary 2020, Baheebwa presided over an illegal relocation and eviction of residents in connivance with the purported lands lord Mr. James Mukasa Kasavubu  the land lord of Volume 2747 folio 1 Buruli Block 2 Plot 2 measuring approximately 699 hectares  covering the three villages of Kaborogota, Namagonge, and Kituuka 2 in Kyakamese and Kihaguzi Parishes , Pakanyi sub county Buruli county Masindi district contending that the deputy RDC has no authority to declare ownership of land.

According to the same petition signed by the lead petitioner, Juma Oringitho, the action of Baheebwa the deputy RDC has generated a lot of insecurity in the area putting residents  who are opposed to the relocation plan against few individuals in support of the project for their selfish gains.

The petition further indicate that the said land was fraudently registered in the names of James Mukasa Kasavubu on the 27th day of October 1999 from the former registered proprietors in the names of Ijino John Rwothnga , John Acamfula  and Emilio Opiti now all deceased who were tenants in common in equal shares as per the title deed adding that now is a subject of investigation by Uganda Police.

The petition also shows that the situation which had become uncontrollable was restored by the intervention of the Masindi district Resident District Commissioner Godfrey Nyakahuma who led a team of security officials and organized a security meeting on the 13th of February 2020 in Kaborogota village.

It also states that during a security meeting organized by the full RDC Godfrey Nyakahuma there was a man in the names of Vito Wathum who represented the land, he confirmed that  the deputy RDC was always taking surveyors to survey and sub divide the disputed land to residents in support of his illegal actions  leading to massive destruction of residents’ crops without compensation.

When contacted the James Mukasa Kasavubu the lands lord deinied all the allegations of grabbing land noting that the land in question is a family land which belonged to his late father Ijino John Rwothnga. He added that he even he has proof of ownership since he has a land title.

When reached the Longino Baheebwa Byagagaire the deputy RDC Masindi district, distanced himself from the allegations saying that when he went on ground he advised James Mukasa Kasavubu the lands lord to follow the right procedures since the people affected had stayed on the land for a long time.

He added that the two parties sat and agreed to be relocated wondering why is being accused.


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