Masindi golf and sports club registered trustees, Masindi high court fight over land.

Masindi Hight Court. File Photo

Registered trustees of Masindi golf and sports club under their umbrella Masindi golf and sports club are fighting with Masindi high court over  0.3610 hectares where the high court of Masindi currently seating.

On the 14th of February 2017, the registered trustees through Guma and company advocates dragged Masindi district land board, Central division, the Attorney General and the commissioner land registration to court accusing them of aiding Masindi high court to trespass on their land.

According to Ian Musinguzi the lawyer representing Central Division and Masindi district land board the bodies which allocated land to Masindi high court, the bodies gave out this land such that a high court could be constructed in Masindi to cater for the whole of Bunyoro region to save people from traveling to Fort portal looking for high court services.

Musinguzi says that the land was allocated to Masindi high court on the 30th of January 2017 and acquired a freehold title on the 3rdof March 2017. The land in question is located  at Baitwa road plot 6-8 in Northern cell Masindi municipality.

The case which is before the Resident Judge, Justice Paul Wolimbwa Gadenya, was supposed to come up today for hearing but it never took off since none of the complainants showed up. It was shifted to 30th April 2020 when it will come up for hearing.

Some of the registered trustees include; Pantaleo Kasangaki, Oscar Baitwa, William Ndozereho among others.

When contacted Oscar Baitwa one of the registered trustees, noted that they lost interest in the case adding that they have even applied for its withdraw in the interest of the people.


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