Masindi Journalists demand special audit for two Emyooga Journalists’ Saccos in Masindi.


Members of Masindi Emyooga Journalists Sacco are demanding for special audit and investigations into two Journalists’ Emyooga Saccos in the counties of Buruli and Bujenje in Masindi District. 

The issue was raised by the members of Masindi Emyooga Journalists Sacco on Tuesday afternoon at the official handover of Emyooga certificates at Masindi Stadium. They revealed that members in those two groups are not Journalists.

Mr. Makolo Jackson a journalist working with UBC radio Masindi also a member of Masindi Emyooga Journalists Sacco said that they are well-organised and before they had saving sacco, and they know each other. He says that they should audit and investigate into those two groups, and the members because they are not Journalists.

Mr. Yosam Gucwaki a journalist working with Vision Group also a member of Masindi Emyooga Journalists Sacco is wondering why the commercial officer registered those groups, yet they are not Journalists. “According to the president Emyooga money is suppose to benefit people doing same economic activity,” Mr. Yosam noted.

“The commercial officer claims that since they make phone calls on radio they are Journalists, but we don’t know them, their associations, and they are not media practitioners, we have raised red flag, and we want special audit and investigations to be done.” He further noted.

Mr. Kalyegira Moses the senior commercial officer Masindi district said they had not formed Sacco for Journalists until Micro Finance Support Centre approached, and told them to search for people who give news, or reporters to form the journalists sacco. He also noted they may not come from the Journalist’s Association but reporting for the Residence District Commissioner.

Mr. Businge Joab the Mayor Masindi Municipality noted that the idea came from the central government, and there are many Emyooga Sacco members who are not doing the same economic activity since there were no verification of academic documents for registration. Mr. Joab also noted that Journalists can go ahead, and challenge the usage of their names in courts of law.

Mr. Dominic Tibasimwa the Deputy Residence District Commissioner Masindi said that they are going to look into the matter and resolve it.