Masindi key opposition leaders discuss on Municipal Mayor Seat come 2021.


    In the yesterday’s secret meeting consisting key opposition leaders comprehended that Mr. Amanyire Rogers would be endorsed for the seat of Masindi Municipal Mayor come 2021.
    This move was open boldly outspoken by the people power candidate, Amanyire Rogers to contest for the position against the incumbent as the current outspoken mayor Hon. Businge Joab has set his eyes to contest for the Masindi Municipality Member of Parliament, It will be the first time for Mr. Amanyire Rogers to contest for the Masindi Municipal Mayor Seat.

    In a telephone conversation with this website, Mr. Amanyire said that he had not yet made any formal announcement about the move but hinted, ” although Masindi Municipality has never witnessed blurb at any level of a successor in major elective post, He also said that there is no official announcement from two of them as for now but both harbor.

    Businge Joab is such a remarkable individual, achiever and also a blessing to Masindi municipality and a strong dream of what Masindi and Bunyoro’s share aught to be, Mr. Amanyire added.

    Mr. Amanyire adds that Bunyoro need to have a greater say in the politics of Uganda, and it begins with better representation in Parliament, our people need a united team from bottom, “both me and Hon. Joab believe in unity and service as a key solution to fill Masindi’s political representational gaps” Mr. Amanyire added.

    “Mayor Hon. Businge Joab candidacy else where will be a historical moment for our community and a milestone in our generation politics  regardless of the party choice, he is an inspiration to young leaders across the district, in all elections, that shape the coarse for our community in the next five years,  every good politician deserves room to grow, nevertheless Hon. Businge Joab is one of those few Bunyoro has,  that’s the principle of transformative leadership, unlike our usual no change leadership that isn’t positioning Bunyoro in the future government “ Mr. Amanyire was quoted.

    When we contacted the Amanyire Rogers campaign team did not immediately return our request for a comment either deny nor accept the presence of such arrangements
    “Nonetheless, it seems to be a likable character according to the comments of his followers, and a lot is expected from his wisdom and neutrality in the dirty politics of Masindi  as a new comer, if he channels his energies to service and facts, he has my vote”, an elder familiar to both candidates said.


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