Masindi Opposition in Panic: Police recruits at Kabalye register in Kihuba Ward Masindi Municipality ahead of 2021 general elections.

Businge Joab is the Mayor Masindi on an FDC ticket. File Photo

Police recruits in Kabalye police training school Masindi have been registered as voters of Kihuba ward Masindi municipality ahead of 2021 general elections.

According to the whistle blower, the mayor Masindi municipality Businge Joab says that police recruits who are under police training in Kabalye Police training in Masindi have been forcefully told to transfer their polling stations to Kihuba ward Masindi municipality in villages like Kamunyoga, Kiswata, Kirima, Kisindizi, Kiloya, Kabalye settlement among others ahead of 2021 general elections.

He says all local council chairpersons in the villages of Kihuba ward have been given transfer forms from electro commission to have these recruits registered as residents of their villages, adding that all computers from gazeted polling station Masindi municipality have been taken to Kabalye police school training to have all recruits registered hence affecting other locals in different parts of the municipality from being registered.

Joab adds that the exercise is aimed at rigging the election in 2021 and   called upon the general public to join hands and fight the vice.

The general secretary FDC Masindi Bigirwenkya Agustus says as opposition they are disappointed on the way how electro commission is conducting the exercise of updating voters register ahead of 2021 elections. He  says when the EC was gazeting the polling stations across the country the opposition was not  consulted  at all  adding that EC gave change to NRM  cadres who want to contest  in 2021  to be considered to conduct the voters updating register exercise.

He says he is not surprised to see the computers being transferred from the voter’s gazeted places to Kabalye police training school. He however advises the management of Kabalye PTS and security agencies in the district to desist from the vice which he says it may bring chaos in the district.

When contacted for a comment the deputy commandant Kabalye police training Dramani Otora to have a comment on the matter says the recruits are Ugandans  and eligible voters  who are also entitled to registration for elections like any other Ugandans.

He adds most of them have just finished senior four and have never been registered as voters and referred us to EC   for more information 

By press time we could not get a comment from the officials of electro commission Masindi since it was a weekend.


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