Masindi residents in fear of contracting diseases over poor sanitation

File Photo: Masindi Town

Residents of Kibbaali-Kitonde village in Miirya Sub County, Masindi district are living in fear of contracting diseases following the camping of people said to be workers of National Forestry Authority (NFA) in Sirisiri hill forest reserve who they say lack sanitation facilities.

The residents expressed their fears on during a village meeting organized by village leaders to discuss issues of health, security and land in the area.

They claimed that the people in the reserve ease themselves in the open causing rain water from the hill to wash their human waste into the surrounding low areas.

Gerald Kyamanywa, a resident of the area said the running water from the hill enters the shallow well where his family fetches water for domestic use which he said puts the health of his family members in danger.

Emmanuel Muhumuza, the village chairperson told residents that the people camped at the hill were taken there by what he called  government officials without the consent and knowledge of the area local leaders.

Fred Sunday Kapimpini, another resident said that they are planning to write to NFA or send a delegation from village to meet the organization about the matter.

The range manager Budongo system Michael Kusuro denied knowledge about the presence of people in the reserve when contacted.

He however promised to follow up the reports and update our reporter later.


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